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2012: Washington DC Drop Location Results in Access to the ARC Website and Other Updates

by Dan Koelsch

Another day, another drop location for the 2012 viral campaign, only this time, we actually got something out of it other than just pointless schematics (see the new ones on the forum). The last location gave us a password, and this time we got a username. We speculated the login information was for the employee login on the Aerospace Robotics Corp. website, and it looks like we were right. First, here’s the coded message from the packages at the DC drop location:


537461747573204272696566696E672C204F63746F62657220 3134

4173207065722070726576696F7573206E6F746963652C2064 756520746F206120637269746963616C206272656163682077 652061726520706572666F726D696E6720616E20696D6D6564 69617465204C6576656C203320736563757269747920737765 65702E204173206120726573756C742C20796F757220616363 65737320696E666F726D6174696F6E20666F72206F75722073 65637572652066696C652073797374656D2068617320626565 6E206368616E6765642E

796F7572206E65772070617373776F726420666F7220746865 2073797374656D2069733A

666F7220736563757269747920707572706F7365732C20796F 757220757365726E616D6520686173206265656E2073656E74 20756E64657220736570617261746520636F7665722E206966 20796F752068617665206E6F74207265636569766564206974 2C20706C6561736520696E666F726D20485120696D6D656469 6174656C792E

416C6C2073746166662C20706C65617365206E6F7465207468 61742074686973206F76657276696577206973204579657320 4F6E6C7920616E642073686F756C642062652064656C657465 642061667465722072656164696E672E

Here it is decoded:

RE: Project Naaczaal
Status Briefing’ October 14

As per previous notice’ due to a critical breach we are performing an immediate Level 3 security sweep. As a result’ your access information for our secure file system has been changed. Your new password for the system is:Bs,w!ws+4. for security purposes’ your username has been sent under separate cover. if you have not received it’ please inform HQ immediately.

All staff’ please note that this overview is Eyes Only and should be deleted after reading.

So, now we know the password is Bs,w!ws+4. and the username is safehaven2012. When we enter this into the ARC employee login, we are given limited access to a page that has seven PDFs available for download, then after a minute or so, we are automatically logged out. Looks like they know something is up. The first four are just more schematics for the ark they are building (they could even be repeats, but it’s not worth going through all the previous ones to find out).


The last three PDFs are a little more interesting. They are letters from Barbara Lewis-Penn (who we all know replaced Soren Ulfert as Communications Director at the IHC) to ARC. The IHC’s relationships with ARC and the US government are under-the-table for some reason. They obviously feel that if certain people knew what was going on, there could be some problems. The second letter is most revealing, because it discusses how ARC’s process for deciding who should get a seat on the vessel could be unethical.

It looks like this is at least part of the big secret. Private corporations are creating a modern Noah’s Ark and they are choosing who gets to live and die, probably based on the person’s wealth and influence instead of important qualities like skills and knowledge. Kind of a lame secret if you ask me, unless there is no other entity creating their own ark, then it becomes important. What do you think of all this?

One place to look for more clues is the previously released Chapter 1 of Farewell Atlantis. MovieViral now has confirmation from our source that the novel (written by character Jackson Curtis) will not be released in full, but that the first chapter released online has information/clues that will become important in the 2012 ARG. So, re-read it and try to find any connections you can.

The most useless update of day award goes to News Done Right, who posted this article:

RALEIGH, NC – Insiders at Aerospace Robotics Corp. say the company is on the brink of instigating intensive cost-cutting measures that could leave nearly 1,700 employees around the world without a job.
Our source indicated that these job cuts are mainly due to a long-running trend for production declines in the company’s manufacturing and fabrication units. “Running clean rooms and secure production lines is a pretty big cost center. We don’t need to run as many lines or keep as many teams together when there aren’t so many customers,” the source said.
A representative of ARC said these measures, along with a series of other measures such as shutting down less productive offices and limiting overtime pay, should save the company up to $500 million in the next two years.

As of right now, this doesn’t seem to impact much, though layoffs could be a way to keep things more hush-hush. What’s your opinion?

2012 is in theaters November 13th and you can discuss these updates to the viral here, or on our forum. Also check out the MovieViral 2012 page for information on the film and its viral campaign.



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