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2012: Atlanta Drop Results, Only One Left

by Dan Koelsch

Wednesday is the last drop for the IHC packages, so for those following this aspect of the 2012 viral, it’s time to start putting everything together. We are one step closer today with the Atlanta drop packages being picked up. Again, for those unfamiliar with the drop locations, as part of the 2012 viral campaign, the Institute for Human Continuity is dropping off secret packages to its employees, but fired communications director Soren Ulfert (with some help) has gotten ahold of the locations and times and asks us regular folk to intercept the packages. Each package has a cell phone, a coded message, and a flash drive with PDFs (usually images). Here is the coded message from today:


537461747573204272696566696E672C204F63746F62657220 3138

536F6D6520677265656E2070617373686F6C64657273206172 652064656D616E64696E6720616E20757067
7261646520696E206163636F6D6D6F646174696F6E20617320 61206D6174746572206F662076616C756520
666F72206D6F6E65792E205468657920696E64696361746520 74686174206D6F72652066756E647320616E
6420706173736573206D617920626520707572636861736564 2069662074686573652064656D616E647320
6172652066756C6C79206D65742C2062757420746861742066 61696C75726520746F206D65657420746869
732064656D616E64206D6967687420726573756C7420696E20 77697468686F6C64696E67206F6620746865

456E67696E656572696E6720616E642064657369676E207374 61666620617265206E6F7720776F726B696E
6720746F206372656174652061207375706572696F7220636C 617373206F662064656C757865206C697669
6E67206163636F6D6D6F646174696F6E20746F206170706561 7365207468697320656C656D656E742E2049
7420626561727320656D70686173697A696E67207468617420 677265656E2070617373686F6C6465722062
75792D696E20616E6420636F6E74696E756174696F6E206F66 20676F6F6420666169746820617265206372
756369616C20746F206F7572207365637265637920616E6420 6C6F676973746963616C2073756363657373
2E20477265656E2070617373686F6C64657273206172652074 686520666F756E646174696F6E206F66206F
75722066756E64696E672073747261746567792E204661696C 696E6720746F206D65657420746865697220
64656D616E64732C2074687573206661696C696E6720746F20 726563656976652074686F73652066756E64
732C20776F756C6420706C6163652074686520656E74697265 206E6161637A61616C2070726F6A65637420

5765206172652063757272656E746C7920616E616C797A696E 672074686520636F737420616E6420737061
7469616C2072616D696669636174696F6E73206F6620746869 7320757067726164652C20616E6420667572
7468657220726564756374696F6E7320696E20706173732061 7661696C6162696C69747920666F72206F74
6865722070617373656E67657220677261646573206D617920 6265206E6563657373617279206173206120
726573756C742E2057652077696C6C20697373756520612072 65766973656420626F617264696E6720706C
616E206F6E636520616E616C7973697320697320636F6D706C 6574652E

416C6C2073746166662C20706C65617365206E6F7465207468 61742074686973206F766572766965772069
732045796573204F6E6C7920616E642073686F756C64206265 2064656C6574656420616674657220726561

And here it is translated:

RE: Project Naaczaal
Status Briefing, October 18

Some green passholders are demanding an upgrade in accommodation as a matter of value for money. They indicate that more funds and passes may be purchased if these demands are fully met, but that failure to meet this demand might result in withholding of the balance of funds due.

Engineering and design staff are now working to create a superior class of deluxe living accommodation to appease this element. It bears emphasizing that green passholder buy-in and continuation of good faith are crucial to our secrecy and logistical success. Green passholders are the foundation of our funding strategy. Failing to meet their demands, thus failing to receive those funds, would place the entire naaczaal project in jeopardy.

We are currently analyzing the cost and spatial ramifications of this upgrade, and further reductions in pass availability for other passenger grades may be necessary as a result. We will issue a revised boarding plan once analysis is complete.

All staff, please note that this overview is Eyes Only and should be deleted after reading.

As we deciphered before, the IHC and ARC (Aerospace Robotics Corp.) are developing a modern Noah’s Ark of sorts to protect certain people during the anticipated 2012 destruction. This message reinforces our deduction that people are paying for seats and that preference is being to people in a potentially unethical way.

For once it’s the pictures that are the interesting part of the package. Like usual, they are schematics for some component of the Ark, but this time we see how wildlife fit into the scheme. There are actually containers and cargo bays on the vessel specifically for animals, such as the rhinoceros pictured. The IHC certainly has biblical intentions. Download all the images here.

2012 is in theaters November 13th and you can discuss these updates to the viral here, or on our forum. Also check out the MovieViral 2012 page for information on the film and its viral campaign.


As always, thanks to the unfiction forum for the help!


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