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1st Annual MovieViral Awards Results!

by Dan Koelsch

Last week we asked you to vote in our forum for the best in various categories of viral marketing for the year. Now we have the results of the each of those polls, so lets tell you who won, as well as what we think about the results. Lets get to it. Here are your 1st Annual MovieViral Awards winners!

Best Viral Campaign (Film)

Winner: District 9

Runner Up: 2012

Our Thoughts: District 9 ran away with our top award with 72% of the vote, and we couldn’t agree more. 2012 and District 9 were the only two complete viral campaigns, but the excitement created by District 9‘s viral actually helped the movie in theaters. What more can you ask for?

Best Character in a Viral (Film)

Winner: Christopher (District 9)

Runner Up: Charlie Frost (2012)

Our Thoughts: Although the viral campaign for District 9 tied together with the film nicely by using the main alien in both, I have to go with the next in line here. Frost was funny, wacky, and you couldn’t help but like him. His small (yet scene-stealing) role in 2012 showed how much we love the character, played perfectly by Woody Harrelson. He deserves this award just from his animated video on the end of days alone.

Most Rewarding Viral Campaign (Film)

Winner: 2012

Runner Up: District 9

Our Thoughts: 2012 won this battle pretty easily, and I can see why. We use the term “rewarding” not just to mean prizes, but also valuable info and a sense of accomplishment. The 2012 viral campaign hit all of those notes, especially the prizes, with the biggest being a trip to Cancun. The drop locations and huge background information only alluded to in the film make this campaign very rewarding.

Most Interactive Viral Campaign (Film)

Winner: 2012

Runner Up: Paranormal Activity

Our Thoughts: This was an easy one. For the same reasons it won for most rewarding, the 2012 was easily the most interactive campaign. Between the drop locations, an entire election in which people actually campaigned, and much more, this viral was more than just a narrative, it was an experience.

Most Original Viral Marketing Tool (Film)

Winner: “Report Non-Humans” billboards (District 9)

Runner Up: The IHC elections (2012)

Our Thoughts: The billboards created for District 9 were the crown jewels of the campaign. It’s the one element of the campaign that almost everyone talked about (even the L.A. Times), and they were original to boot. Not only were there signs and billboard across major cities banning non-humans from various locations, but they also asked you to report non-humans. They even gave you a number to call where you could leave a message and later possibly hear it on a website they put up.

Best Viral Website (Film)

Winner: D-9.com (District 9)

Runner Up: TheIHC.com (2012)

Our Thoughts: D-9.com was definitely the most intricate and intriguing viral websites I’ve ever seen. Sure, it became more “official” as the film’s release date approached, but before that, it was the singular thing that got me hooked on the film. With detailed map that had videos and clues sprinkled throughout, it was a treasure cove of information and exploration. Randy’s website from Funny People, and I’m actually surprised it didn’t get more votes.

Best Narrative in a Viral Campaign (Film)

Winner: IHC Conspiracy (2012)

Runner Up: Skynet Conspiracy (Terminator Salvation)

Our Thoughts: Not all viral campaigns have a true narrative (i.e. story), but boy did 2012 have one. We go from thinking that the IHC is a benevolent organization to slowly realizing the corruption they are involved with. The narrative developed a solid protagonist in Soren Ulfert and created a more interesting story than the movie itself. Wait, maybe that’s a bad thing.

Best Series for Viral (Television)

Winner: The Office (NBC)

Runner Up: True Blood (HBO)

Our Thoughts: Another runaway winner, The Office has almost always been a great source of viral content, and this year was no exception with Pam and Jim’s wedding site, the “Subtle Sexuality” web series and music video, and many more other little tidbits. I’m actually surprised to see True Blood do well, since honestly, we have not covered the viral marketing for that show as well as the other nominees.

Best Viral (Television)

Winner: New York Takeover (SyFy’s Alice)

Runner Up: “Subtle Sexuality” Web Series (NBC’s The Office)

Our Thoughts: The Subtle Sexuality campaign was my personal favorite (especially the music video), but you can’t deny the effectiveness of the Alice viral event, in which men dressed in suits and rabbit masks walked around Manhattan and even did a (badly) choreographed dance. Sure, some may not have realized what the event was for, but I’m sure the nifty cards they gave away left an impression.

Best Network for Viral (Television)

Winner: NBC

Runner Up: HBO

Our Thoughts: Finally, NBC is good at something (getting viewers apparently not being one them). This was a pretty obvious choice, with the network’s comedies The Office, Community, and Parks and Recreations all having at least decent, if not great, viral marketing. Even Chuck got into the act late in the year. The question will be if NBC can turn their viral gold into ratings gold. The recent late night fiasco is actually helping ratings for all shows involved, so that’s a start!

So, there you have it: your winners! Give them all a round of applause. For more information on each category and all the nominees (including those not shown here), check out the Awards Section of the forum. Let us know in there and on here what you think of the results!


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