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The Crazies: Ogden Marsh Sheriff Login Found!

by Robert Sugar

We’ve received the username and password for the Ogden Marsh Sheriff Department website. The login allows you to listen to logged dispatch calls, in total fifteen calls (one of which has been removed).Get the username and password for the login as well as the transcripts of each call after the jump.

Below is the username and password to login. The login is located at the bottom left corner of http://www.ogdenmarshsheriff.com/.

Username: ddutten
Password: judy

The username stands for David Dutten, the sheriff, and the password is his wife’s name, Judy.

I have also transcribed each call for your own investigating pleasures. Anything in brackets ([x]) means I am unsure if that is what was said. Anything in “quotation marks” is spoken by someone other than the caller, in the background.

Call one: Kim Jonson

Hi Sheriff, this is Kim Johnson, Sally’s daughter. I wanted to call again about getting my permit for peaceful assembly when you get a chance. Thanks and I, um, look forward to hearing from somebody soon.

Call two: Henry Duggins

Hey Sheriff, this is Henry Duggins over [off/on] Mill Road. Uh, someone got on my property last night . . . they . . . ya’ know, they killed my dog. I swear I find someone on my property again they better run faster than a  god damn bullet . . . fix this.

Call three: Shelly

Hi Sheriff, this is Shelly over on Mill Road. I’m calling you because the clinic isn’t picking up. But my husband, he’s acting a little funny. And I know there’s the flu is going around and all, but, something seems a bit different. If you can just give me a call back as soon as you can. Thanks, bye.

Call four: REMOVED

Call five: Tilly Watkins

Hi Sheriff, this is Tilly Watkins down by old man Tuner’s mill. My sister and I have been hearing some kinda commotion.
“Did you all the sheriff yet?”
Annie, quiet I’m talking to him right now.
NO! Annie! Annie! You don’t know what’s out there! Annie! What’d I tell you!
End of call

Call six: Anna Sue

Hey Sheriff, this is Anna Sue. Just wondering if you ever caught the guy who broke into Charlie Burton’s truck. I think I just saw him, it was really weird . . . yeah maybe [I’ll] check it out. Bye.

Call seven: Sally Rollins

*crying* Ah, Sheriff, this is Sally Rollins . . . uh, and, uh some strange dog bit me yesterday. And now I’ve got [scales] growing up in the . . . the places you just don’t really want to know about. I’m starting to lose my hair, and um, and I don’t know what to do. Please come.

Call eight: Eric Stevenson

Hey Sheriff, it’s Eric Stevenson from the Ogden Marsh medical clinic. I actually just wanted to get in touch with you because we had two people check into the ER last night, and, this mourning when we were doing the rounds – they were gone. Uh, there was kinda some blood in the room where they were staying, but there is no sight of them anywhere. So uh, give me a call back at the hospital as soon as possible. Thanks

Call nine: Unknown Male

Hi I just want to get more information about, um, your department. You can just give me a call back at this number. Thank you.

Call ten: Trixie

Hey, uh, sheriff I’m going to keep this quick because I know they’re listening – they’re always listening. But you need to know the truth. Go to my site – the truth about trixy dot com – you’ll probably think I’m crazy, but I know what’s happening in Ogden Marsh.

Call eleven: Unknown Female

*whispering* Hi, um, I need you guys to get over to my house right now. There’s a guy staring into my window, and, he is got blood all over him – and I don’t know what the hell is going on but I need you to get over here and I’ve left two messages. So please get over here. he’s freaking me out and I’ve closed all the blinds, I need you to get over here please, come over to my house. *crying* Thank you, bye.

Call twelve: Unknown Male

*angry* Sheriff, I was just driving down Dry Creek Rd. and old man Hodges came runnin’ out of no where and started attacking my car with a baseball bat! Now I don’t know what that crazy bastard has been drinking, but he’s gonna pay for the damages he’s done. You mark my word Sheriff, he’s gonna pay!

Call thirteen: Wilford James

Hi, this is Wilford James. I just wanted to let you know I think there’s somebody outside my house. And you better come quick, I saw bushes rustling and something was goin’ on so I took a little [rock salt and shut it up in there], but I think they’re still after it. Could you come as quick as possible, thanks.

Call fourteen: Unknown Female

I’m calling them now. Hello, hi, there’s a really strange guy outside my house. Don’t go out there Mom! Watch out. Can you just get over here quickly please, thank you.

Call fifteen: DP Chemicals

Hey Sheriff, this is Jessica over at Dakon/Pendrill. I wanted to give you a call because Kim Jonson, uh, the activist girl from Save Ogden Marsh, she’s been walking around the perimeter of our facility for the last couple days with a camera crew. And I just seem a little bit worried. Um, she seems to be waging some sort of campaign against us, and I’m just not sure what kind of information she’s communicating out there. If you could give me a call back as soon as possible, I know she’s a really sweat girl, but who knows what’s going on, give me a call. Thanks so much, bye.

There you have it, all the calls. Obviously take a listen for the full effect of their emotions and such. We may have more coverage on this as the night progresses and more investigating can take place.

What do you think? What was the most interesting call to you – and how have you enjoyed the campaign so far?


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