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UK Werewolf Hunting Experience – If You’re Tired Of Killing Zombies & Osama Bin Laden

by Michael Lee

Guys who didn’t jump at the chance to become hunters, army rangers, special forces, or become a spy, now get a chance to become what they’ve always wanted to be through special (but also very expensive) events. No it’s nothing like paint ball. Here in America, you have the opportunity to kill zombies and Osama Bin Laden, but in Birmingham, you have the chance to kill werewolves. Hit the jump to find out more.

This is experience is almost like the other events. You have a scenario in which you are forced to band together to take out a target. In this case, your target is a werewolf. Here is a sample of what you will experience.

This is an OVERNIGHT EVENT. Accommodation in military-style bunks is included as part of the ticket price. It is basic accommodation, so please bring a sleeping bag and a washkit.

You will arrive on-site at 2000hrs. You’ll get a supper soup and a sandwich to start with, then undergo a safety briefing and get kitted up. If it’s wet, you’ll get waterproofs.

You’ll then receive a crash course in basic military training – procedures and weapons training that’ll save your life (hopefully…). You’ll lay out explosive booby traps, utilising pressure pads and trip wires.

Then, head out into the wild on Werewolf hunting missions – don’t expect to all come back alive.

Not everything is provided for you for this night of hunting. You must have a sleeping bag, washkit, robust outdoor clothing, appropriate footwear, and be in good shape – you will be doing a lot of running after all. The crash course military training sounds like a lot of fun. Laying out traps such as pressure pads and trip wires makes this hunting experience worth every penny. But so does coming back home with the trophy.

Based on the additional info, this will be a very surreal experience. Werewolves will converge on your location taking out members of your team one by one. They even mention that the chances of survival are slim. The entire event is completed with some sleep or a movie and a drink –and yes that includes alcoholic beverages. Before you venture off into normalcy, you are treated to a full English breakfast

So if you are interested head over to chillisauce.co.uk for additional info. Happy hunting.


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