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by James Murphy


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So: it’s out! Finally, after all the bootleg to and fro, we have a proper DEADPOOL trailer. In fact, we have TWO trailers! One is family friendly. One is not. Both get the message across. The movie is out in February 2016 (that’s sooner than you think).


Ryan Reynolds plays the eponymous anti-hero. He has been here before in X MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE (2009). But that film is universally loathed (i actually liked it btw but hey..). This appears to be a clean slate. No explicit continuity referenced in the trailer. Perhaps everything was erased c/o the DAYS OF FUTURE PAST timeline changes?


deadpool 2


This is a fairly self-contained origin story about the ‘merc with a mouth’. He is diagnosed with cancer. And then a way out is presented: some sort of genetic modification (makes sense, as this is in the X Men universe of mutants). Cue facial disfigurement as the price in this faustian pact but also enhanced powers ‘we will make you a super-hero’. Cancer and facial disfigurement: surely no go areas even in the grittiest of comic book hero titles. One applauds the ambition, albeit with caution about tone and subject matter.

IE: We are getting a semi-comic yet gritty action movie, with Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool conducting assassinations between wise cracks. He seems to have a love interest, a comedy sidekick to confide in and a high stakes game to play against his targets for killing and with the shadowy network that has empowered him.


ryan 2



It DOES look funny. Ryan Reynolds is letting rip here, unfettered by the cinematic equivalent of the Comics Code that perhaps weighted other movies in the genre. There’s even an in-joke at the expense of GREEN LANTERN (2011; the DC /Warner Bros’ fated flop that was their first, aborted attempt at an expanded universe on film).


Even the green-band trailer is fairly ‘adult’ in its tone. The switch to red-band (age verification required on YouTube plus we may have junior readers so we are staying with the ‘safe’ version!) simply adds a bit of sex and some more explicit language.


The reality is the script and pitch are targeted at the adolescent boy brigade, so expect every 12-28 year old to see the film somehow anyway, with street cred attached. One can picture them all berating Captain America and Superman for being too soft!


But will that make this a HIT? It’s certainly a brave and ballsy move by Fox to enable such a free spirited product. They know what they’re doing. This was always going to be a fringe appeal hero so they have carefully built that into the very structure and style of the brand.



ryan reynolds



It’s SUPPOSED to be a ‘cult’ hit. It’s not designed to break box office records and its refreshingly brutal language and impish tone will be welcomed by many. If only they still made DIE HARD and TERMINATOR movies with such confident verve!

Drawback is that, even if the studio IS designing the film to meet a certain market, it must STILL be a ‘hit’ WITHIN that demographic and it remains a more obscure comic book property so is kind of trapped between two distinct places without ever truly fitting the bill clearly in either. Is it a fun comic book super-hero fantasy (it seems to touch those bases) or a gritty, hard hitting thriller that happens to have strong comedic credentials (once again: it IS that, too).

That very merger of tones (albeit without the hard R swearing / violence) killed a certain other Ryan Reynolds comic book movie called..GREEN LANTERN. So it MIGHT be just a tad premature to be making jokes at that movie’s expense!

But the action does look impressively shot. Reynolds DESERVES  a palpable hit and the Internet has already gone crazy for this trailer so that all bodes well. We will keep you posted on the film’s marketing progress and review it once released next year.

Meanwhile: here is a viral video that is DEADPOOL related. It’s not another trailer. But is funny and is going..’viral’!



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