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by James Murphy

Title: What’s Tobey Maguire Been Up To?


As MARVEL prepare to show us yet another new SPIDER-MAN in action on screen, we look at the recent life, work and fortunes of TOBEY MAGUIRE. Maguire was the Spidey who launched the original web slinging franchise in 2002 -07 and was due to try another spin at the part (rumored to have been a two picture, back to back deal at the time), before script development stalled with SAM RAIMI and SONY went for the reboot (first of two reboots within just over a decade!).

Maguire himself has not done too badly, it seems. He might not be quite in the spotlight as much as he was during his Spider-Man tenure. But he is keeping himself busy it seems and is a LOT cooler than you might first have suspected. Spider-Man? More like a Dark Horse!




If you watched the Golden Globes in early January you might have noticed that Tobey Maguire at the Golden Globes introduced THE REVENANT as one of the nominees for Best Picture in the drama category. It stood out in part because Maguire isn’t connected to any noteworthy projects these days, whereas the majority of presenters tend to be specifically relevant for one reason or another.









Even Mel Gibson, who came out of hiding to do some presenting work of his own, had a connection to
this year’s Globes through the reboot of his iconic Mad Max character in MAD MAX FURY ROAD . Maguire’s best connection was that he’s known to be close friends with Leonardo DiCaprio, who stars in THE REVENANT.
At any rate, Maguire’s appearance made one wonder just what he’s been up to lately, as he hasn’t really appeared in a noteworthy film since 2013’s THE GREAT GATSBY (alongside DiCaprio) in which he played Nick Carraway to great effect.
It’s always hard to say what an actor might be up to in his spare time, but in Maguire’s case it’s always been apparent that he likes to take time away to enjoy his good fortune, rather than busy himself year in and year out with projects.


That’s not to say he’s not working, but if Maguire’s away from the big screen odds are he’s off having fun with his money—as he should!


Most recently, the DAILY MAIL spotted Maguire out on a vacation, and once again it was in connection
to his pal DiCaprio. Specifically, the actors were ON A LUXURY YACHT, which is known to be a favourite party destination of DiCaprio’s, and not a bad place for Maguire to stay out of the spotlight if he so desires.


Such a trip probably isn’t too out of the ordinary for these two, but it does provide some insight into how Maguire spends some of his time when he’s not churning out films. On a somewhat similar note, we also know that both DiCaprio and Maguire have been known to spend leisure time at the poker tables. As one of the more well-known names in online poker and gaming spheres,


BETFAIR took the time to put together a list of celebrity poker players and their various activities
back in 2014. And sure enough, they cited Maguire as a TOP PLAYER. Indeed, reports have suggested the actor was winning up to $1 million U.S. per month playing poker.


He may have even amassed somewhere in the neighbourhood of $40 million total (as of 2014, that is). So, you can probably also bet that in the time since THE GREAT GATSBY, a portion of Maguire’s earnings have found their way onto high stakes poker tables somewhere or other.


But if you were really curious about what Tobey Maguire’s been up to in the last year or two, a more
concrete answer may have surfaced recently. Sure, the actor likes to party on tropical islands and at poker tables with his celebrity pals, but he’s probably been busier on film sets than it might seem.


For instance, 2014’s PAWN SACRIFICE wasn’t seen by too many people, but certainly wasn’t bad. And it
appears that his recent exploits with his money have been a little bit more strategic and less geared toward pure fun. According to THE NEW YORK POST, Maguire attached himself to a tech investment fund of roughly $50 million to be run by Joe Lonsdale.


Lonsdale appears to have targeted Maguire as a way of tapping into Maguire’s entertainment industry contacts, and the two will look to secure additional investors and build up a successful fund. Maguire probably isn’t going to shake the reputation of being a party enthusiast who lives a lavish lifestyle any time soon, but it appears his recent time away from major film releases has been spent as much on business as pleasure. Still, we’re betting he’ll be back on the silver screen in no time.





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