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Dust the new platform for short film innovation in the science fiction genre

by James Murphy

Welcome to the next generation of Creative Expression and Promotion with DUST


One of the best things about the innovations of the last decade has been a democratization of film. There is no excuse now for failing to write, direct and even promote your work. A small beginning can lead to big things. Go back as far as 1999, even and BLAIR WITCH was a phenomenon thanks in part to its independent, low budget, improvisational ‘feel’. Alas, its latest incarnation has disappointed at the Box Office (in part due to poor timing of release / lack of adequate viral marketing).

But the principle remains sound: YOU could be the next ‘big thing’. A short film is a fine way to start and help is available to ensure its development and exposure so that your fair shot at becoming the next George Lucas /Steven Spielberg/whomsoever you may cite as guru..is ‘out there’ and ready for the taking.

And in that spirit, Movie Viral present you with the DUST initiative. Have a look at these short film offerings and associated details. You are most welcome..







For the Fans:
A first of its kind, multi­-platform destination for science fiction creators, innovators and fans. Imagine the stunning visual effects and complex character explorations that currently reside in sci-­fi film and TV now binge­-watchable on any platform in bite size bits.
For the Next Generation of Filmmakers:
Dust, along with the help of science fiction film and television producer, Steve Tzirlin (formerly from Lucasfilm), has curated over 100 of the best sci­-fi shorts that will be available across Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and www.watchdust.com.
Dust will also debut monthly exclusive premieres, produce original programming and provide a behind­-the-­scenes look at never­-before-­seen content.
We are looking to unearth the future Lucas, Nolan, Cameron and Spielberg’s, while providing this generation’s next wave of talent with the funds, tools and effects to create these compelling shorts.
Thank you!


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