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Joel Schumacher to Direct THE BATMAN and Tilda Swinton to Play Doctor Who? Ok that’s Click-Bait but ALL Options are Possible

by James Murphy

Doctor Who /Batman: positions vacant in TARDIS and Bat-Cave, as Affleck exits Director duties and Capaldi asks for a new regeneration..


TWO major posts to be Filled. LOTS of Exciting Possibilities. But to find the RIGHT one? There’s the challenge..

There are two new vacancies in media-land. One: Director needed to helm THE BATMAN, after sudden departure by Ben Affleck (though he will still write, produce and probably star?). Two: Actor needed to become latest regeneration of legendary Time-Lord, Doctor Who (ok ‘The Doctor’ but we all know everyone calls the character ‘Doctor Who’).

Only candidates of high calibre, vision, ability and endurance can make the grade /cut/etc. Both positions highly prized and sought after and there can only be one successful applicant in both cases (unless they co-direct or split the roles, unlikely in either brand).

This is as much about leadership and delivery as raw talent. So: You will either be a veteran of the craft and excellent collaborator / come caretaker manager OR a face of the next generation, with possible consideration of some overlap compromise candidates.


Let’s look at some possibilities. 

  • For Directing THE BATMAN:

Neil Jordan: Can merge the Gothic to the Gangster and period aesthetic to the modern.

Francis Coppola: Epic Story-Teller. Would lend substance to style and collaborate well with Affleck.




Joel Schumacher: Don’t laugh. Imagine if he’d made his Batman more like The Client /Falling Down.

Tim Burton: Needs another hit now trapped in Disney remake hell. And he invented Batman on film, basically.

Chris Nolan: Will need a ‘popcorn’ flick to unwind post DUNKIRK? Why not let him play in a new Bat-verse?

John McTiernan: Definitive action director. Die Hard via Red October = perfect Batman?

Edgar Wright: Kinetic edits. Comedy mixed with bittersweet tragedy. A Simon Pegg cameo?

Brad Bird : Knows his super-heroes and can make comic book panels a reality.

Ken Branagh: Has been rehearsing a Batman film since his breakthrough Shakespeare films.

Sam Mendes: Skyfall is arguably a Batman movie disguised as James Bond. Theatricality..

Mel Gibson : Visceral. Off Hollywood naughty step. Warners ally. Can double up as Two-Face?


  • For Playing Doctor Who: 





Paterson Joseph: BORN to play this. Cool. Funny. Charismatic.

Tilda Swinton: Ethereal. Elegant. Enigmatic. Electrifying.

Hattie Morahan: Can play eccentric yet cool and compelling. Good comic timing. Sexy.


Sally Phillips: Compassionate. Courageous. Hilarious. Intellectual. Beautiful. Perfect.

Alice Lowe: Understands both the televisual and cinematic game; rising star; visionary and charismatic.

Georgia Moffett: Charming, clever, hilarious and knows the brand. Good Director /Producer, too.

Daniel Roche: Old head on VERY young shoulders. Hilarious. Intellectual curiosity. Physically robust.


Mr Hudson: Would bring teen squee market back. Has a Bowie quality via Paul Nicholas. An old school-mate, too. V nice.

Clive Owen: Older yet not ‘old’. Known star yet still accessible. Can do common man meets aristocratic Timelord.

Ben Daniels: Has just done sci-fi with aplomb in Rogue One. Known but not TOO big a name. Solid actor.


David Tennant /Matt Smith: Both were excellent and much missed. Stars now but could do a one off ‘degeneration’?

Peter Capaldi: He could play it like a PG rated version of Malcolm Tucker: grumpy yet likable..oh hang on..#missedopp?

Wee Jimmy Krankie: ok that’s enough suggestions for now.. 

Expect announcements on both major appointments soon and MovieViral will of course offer a comment once it all becomes ‘official’. Meantime, please send Résumé /CVs / show reels /bribes.. and we can organise meetings and auditions via agents, we promise..Yep. Have thrown own hat into ring for both gigs..;)  



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