From Mission: Tom Cruise to Jurassic Skyscrapers; it’s the Best of those SUPERBOWL Trailers. That annual tradition. Yep. That one. 



So: you will have seen pretty much all of these already. What can we add? Nothing much that a thousand other movie news sites and ‘blogs’ or youtubers have not already dissected, shared, pontificated and pronounced over and so on. But we can try. Well, ‘I’ can. AND I can maybe make up some stuff. Maybe.

Here we go..



Looks fascinating. Agent Tom Cruise (played by Henry Cavill, code-names: ‘Big Butch moustache’, ‘Magnum IP’ and ‘Superman’) is on the run from a sinister cult with designs on world domination.


Yet again however, and inexplicably, Tom Cruise (trademark) is also at war with HIS OWN ORGANISATION: IMF. So he runs, really fast. DOES LOTS OF HIS OWN STUNTS.

Seriously though: a BIT self reverential and referential? This is NOT  a series so much as a sequence of films with an IP attached to Tom Cruise, doing stunts. So doing the whole ‘how long can a man wait before he..’ etc or ‘this time it is personal’ just calls out the slightly disposable nature of character and plot here.

But the visuals, atmospherics, editing, location and cast? Second to none. This is a mission I think we will all accept. Go for it, Tom! The sheer committed professionalism he exhibits always make his work worth a watch. Best trailer this year.




Han Solo tells us all how tough and street he is. Look, mate: you’re NOT that tough. You’re a middle class wally in the galaxy who got lucky in a Cantina when he met a Jedi and a kid. You probably lived with space Mom and Dad, just like Luke did. But women like you. That’s something. So you will get to score with the Princess. You just conned everyone into thinking you’re a bad man. Gangsters hate you and want you dead and dropping Jabba’s name in town just makes you look like a bit of a dick.

Or something LIKE that? No? Ok. But that’s the problem. Everyone had a backstory in their mind for Han Solo. Hence the amount of  advance hatred for the imminent SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY, with entire clans of people who claim to love the Star Wars brand, seemingly baying for this film’s blood? Well: they just got trolled/owned/silenced.

Because this IS a pretty good trailer. Is this formulaic: yep. Is it how I pictured young Han? No. But Alden Ehrenreich is a good fit for the part, no question. This is NOT a cut and paste impression of Harrison Ford. It is instead an original approximation of the CHARACTER of Han Solo, whilst nodding towards what Harrison Ford defined. Subtle yet critical distinction. Bodes well.

It’s also visually stunning and looks upbeat and romantic and funny: with director RON HOWARD somehow capturing the essence of Star Wars. There were even some nods I thought to AMERICAN GRAFFITI? Dash of the Abrams Calvinverse STAR TREK, too?  Might be just me. Oh and Donald Glover looks cool as Lando (a future spin off? you bet!).

We actually got TWO trailers in effect here. One teaser for the teaser and then a..teaser but oddly, it’s the former that works better. Less is more. Something DISNEY simply don’t..’get’? 😉 Quibbles aside though: this does look like summer fun at its best. Might even work BETTER than LAST JEDI in uniting fans and casual viewers in something resembling FUN?!

And if that still does not float your star cruiser? Well THIS just in: GAME OF THRONES showrunners are now going to launch their own series of Star Wars films. Expect Titties of the Old Republic? More to..come..on that one soon.



I have very little to add here. Why? Because Universal Pictures have not added much. There is a VERY promising teaser image at the start which is pure horror /atmospheric and recalls the originals whilst bringing something new. But the rest? It appears to be a ‘rescue dinosaurs from island’ motif? Fine.

Except they did that in 1997 and better with LOST WORLD:JURASSIC PARK and that had way more Jeff Goldblum being cool, plus it had actual Steven Spielberg at the helm, fresh off Schindler’s List but still flexing his Indiana Jones style action/adventure styles, in a slightly darker pallet.

This..Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom..er..had one cameo from Goldblum, in the launch trailer..strangely absent here. So yes: competent and should be worth a watch. But I’m not hungry to devour this in a way the T-Rex or Velociraptor might want its feed.




Less a new trailer so much as the old one remixed with added close-ups and dialogue. One nice new shot of Captain America’s new shield (and no that’s not a euphemism: sorry girls..and boys..and..well..whatever..Chris Evans is a fine figure of a man..and a good and decent person so EVERYONE should fancy him a bit). Clearer indications of a team up of Dr Strange’s mystical magic and Tony Stark’s physical sciences (two Sherlocks together at last), though this is an ensemble and Robert Downey Jr has no more or less screen-time than anyone on the team.

SPOILER ALERT: The Disney takeover of those Fox assets is NOT yet applicable so STOP getting all excited about possible X MEN / Fantastic 4 appearances. Sorry! 

And while you are waiting on Avengers? Well BLACK PANTHER is almost upon us. Reviews fairly unanimously positive ~(sorry, you losers on facebook who tried taking the film’s ratings down out of spite: but facebook itself struck back for a change and took YOU out instead. Troll the trolls! BLACK PANTHER POWER!!).


I cannot even begin to spoof this. It was a GENIUS piece of misdirection, social media management, good will, celebrity team up banter and nostalgia all in one beautiful keg of beer soaked beauty. Relax: there is no Crocodile Dundee reboot/remake/crap sequel on the horizon. No. This is simply a launch of a campaign to promote the Australian tourist industry.

Viral marketing is alive and well, it seems and brought to its brilliant best life in this campaign of mini / mock trailers, culminating in the Superbowl consolidation. Paul Hogan himself (78 now: time boomerangs) endorsed and assisted, free of charge (bonus: it erases the godawful Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles from memory). And Chris Hemsworth, Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe were among others drafted in for the ride.


Saving the greatest for last. This looks to be an Oscar contender next year. Easily as moving and inspirational and profound as FAST AND FURIOUS 12 and JUMANJI 4. It’s Die Hard with an oriental feel, a modern aesthetic, a nod to Towering Inferno oh and..DWAYNE JOHNSON. THE ROCK! Wth..wait for it..a prostheses that will either help or hinder the hero’s journey. Oh my. I want this film so bad. Like NOW. Say what you like but it looks fun, daring, technically brilliant, outrageous and visually engaging. ROCK ON!


Needless to say: more reviews and coverage will follow in good time as summer approaches. Thank you for reading. This post will not self-destruct. No actual crocodiles or dinosaurs were harmed in the writing of this piece. James Murphy is Editor in Chief at MovieViral: look out for the next PolitFlix cast coming soon and looking at British legends: King Arthur and Robin Hood and their cinematic and political legacies. 


Oh and well done, EAGLES! 😉





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