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by James Murphy
AGENT JAMES MURPHY, Reporting for Duty..
There was little point in ‘reviewing’ Mission:Impossible-FALLOUT. When one reads a consensus of reviews that sing a movie’s praises in all the same ways? Chances are..they have a point. More fun to just sit back and enjoy the film as a viewer with the audiences who ALL seem to be having great fun, too! The last word in spoiler podcast can be found at EMPIRE MAGAZINE ONLINE and it is truly a MUST listen, regardless of how little or much you love these kinds of films. Director Christopher McQuarrie endearingly admires the civilised craft of simply TALKING about the joys and challenges of movie-making.
That said? Well I’d be neglecting my post /duty if I failed to report in so..here are some spoiler free pointers on MISSION:IMPOSSIBLE FALLOUT. 
The Good to Great:
THE best use of Paris and London. Ever, possibly. Though nb I had a far more exotic adventure in Paris /London last year than anything shown on camera in this film. Yep. 😉
Some neat fakeouts /twists. Henry Cavill and Tom Cruise great double act. Stunning atmospherics. Worth price of admission alone for that. One almost genuinely moving character moment. Ties together the previous films whilst remaining self contained and avoiding the dreaded ‘retcon’ trap that has blighted many a franchise down the years.
The Bad: 
This is not necessarily the best in the series? It has elements that are better than its predecessors, sure. But: Lacks the charm of the first; the style of 2; the clarity of 3; the fun of 4 or the romantic elegance and plotcraft of 5. Also sadly reverts to Tom as Messiah rather than team ethic film. Tries desperately to be dark/edgy whilst still being escapist schlock and you CAN’T be both.
The Ugly:
The toilet scene has a ‘joke’ in it which is offensive, crude and outdated. There is ZERO CHEMISTRY BETWEEN CRUISE AND ANY OF THE LADIES! They UNDO some of the character arc progress made in previous films, whilst repeating now tired motifs. Vanessa Kirby is just an irritant (WHY DID THEY NOT JUST CAST JOELY RICHARDSON /ELIZABETH DEBICKI/any other actress with equity card?). Ving Rhames and Alec Baldwin wasted here with little to do.

MISSION:IMPOSSIBLE FALLOUT is right up itself, as are all the critics, who seem to want to marry this movie and settle down to make Mini Mission:Impossibles, forever foresaking all other franchises, including.James Bond. But 007 has NOTHING to worry about, because this film simply steals from his tropes and ups the ante, thereby allowing Bond to retaliate in 2019 and reclaim genre dominance. Mission:Impossible is a series that STILL Has no discernible style / tone/feel/purpose. It owes a LOT to both 007 AND Dark Knight but little, if anything, to Mission:Impossible! So, NOT quite the all time flawless classic touted by EVERY critic, everywhere.
That said? This IS outstanding cinema craft. You will laugh; you will be on the edge of your seat. You will FEEL every punch, crash, twist, location. This is a film in love with the tools of its trade and both innovating and rediscovering forgotten gems from old classics. McQuarrie, as director: a GENIUS. Tom Cruise, as Producer/Star: an inspiration to us all. His dedicated hard work, risk taking and sheer adrenaline fuelled yet calmly precise leadership, pervade the piece.
For the inevitable part 7 (2021, in time for the 25th anniversary of the film series and pushing for Cruise’s 60th birthday?). Yes. GO TO SPACE in one scene. Jeremy Renner IS missed, too, bizarrely, for a character that seemed like a spare part in previous episodes: HE SHOULD RETURN! Oh and BRING BACK HENRY CZERNY!
Mission debrief: Choose to accept FALLOUT, while you can. Then download /buy on its home video release..JUST for THOSE chases in Paris /London. Blimey. Wow! B+


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