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Podcast Digest: Locating and Listening to the Best Film Related Content

by James Murphy



There are LOTS of podcasts out there. We helped select some of the best for you, doing the rounds, now (nb by ‘podcast’ that includes videos on YouTube). In no particular order. As I see it  (or rather ‘listen to’ it)..

EMPIRE Magazine Online:

EMPIRE magazine is an international treasure. Starting in England in 1989, it’s one of the few printed publications about film that has grown and endured and adapted rather than folded. I followed it since the first issues and it has played a large part in developing my passion for film and remains among my essential monthly reads. Note we no longer have an American /UK version of PREMIERE magazine. TOTAL FILM! is still there but good though that can be, it is to my mind, secondary to EMPIRE and its format feels not dissimilar (feel free to disagree).

The drawback to longevity is repetition and filler. It’s fair to say that one gets an element of both those drawbacks with EMPIRE. Worse still? A creeping trend of political agenda. It’s fine to talk / write about politics within a cinematic context and vice versa. We do that! #POLITFLIX! But imposing one’s agenda ON the reader /listener? Really, please just STOP doing that. Just read their BATMAN retrospective this past month and what they say about DARK KNIGHT RISES. It’s really quite disturbing. The podcast too cannot help the Brexit / Trump references.

And yet? It remains the BEST product out there. Even if you are NOT a fan of movies, the recent cast chat with Christopher McQuarrie is a thing of beauty in its civilised, careful, calm attention to cinema-craft. Listening to that is a true joy! 

Now Playing Podcast:

Weekly retrospectives on a genre / franchise /series, film by film. There is a free episode every Tuesday /Wednesday (depending on your time-zone) and a bonus ep for paid subscribers that hits Friday /Saturday. Enthusiastic, passionate, well informed and detailed: sometimes more entertaining /relaxing to listen to this than watch the actual film in question. Currently looking at video game movies and Al Pacino’s work.

The John Campea Podcast

John’s is a unique success story. Now, his style is not to everyone’s taste (he can be pompous, officious, righteous). But so what? He laps up the hate where others get precious about it, thereby explaining his success. He has built a real community around him and his work ethic and commitment are beyond dispute, with two shows per day, all performed by..him! His USP is an industry experience and insight, paired to a forensic legal and commercial awareness, thereby separating him from any ‘shills’ or ‘geeks’. ALWAYS answers questions. Pioneer of the ‘super-chat’ format.

If it’s not on the Campea show? Then it’s NOT ‘news’! This is a bloke’s bloke who loves sports, foods, family and friends. A genuinely pastoral carer to his fans, too: John has a heart of gold. He was one of the founding developers of the COLLIDER channel (s) and decided to branch out on his own, last year, against the odds. His brand continues to grow; to the extent he is now pairing once a week for a Super-Hero special,  with Robert Meyer Burnett 




Multiple daily shows with a panel show /discussion format. JEDI COUNCIL is a highlight as is COLLIDER HEROES and the news show is always fun and insightful. ARE they simply peddling corporate product? Maybe. And yes there is a somewhat cheerleader-ish aspect to the brand. But so what? Everything has its place and sometimes one does not want a more sceptical commentary; just good, clean, old fashioned, flag waving, film fan fun. Each host they select also has their own profile and they frequently become rising stars. Names to watch include John Rocha (a military veteran so listening to him talk action movies is always worthwhile: thank you for your service, Sir!); Perri Nemiroff (think Sandra Bullock, junior) and Maude Garrett (divine; has her own brand too: https://twitter.com/GeekBomb) and many more.


The anti-Shills! These guys are passionate about film. It’s a new brand and it had some teething problems (they went a LITTLE too far in being un p/c  and they had to lay off the anti Kathleen Kennedy broken record). But this is well informed, young, raw, hungry, satirical, hilarious, collaborative. Their main premise is to restore Star Wars to old fashioned fun storytelling. These guys have heart, wit and soul and whilst they tell it like it is, that does not preclude their nicer sides coming to play as they are NOT inciting nasty fandom but TRYING to ensure that those elements are no longer used as a shield to discuss the quality of a film, unencumbered by faux social politics. Regular Patreon subscribers get additional content and commentaries as well as discussions of franchises beyond Star Wars, including James Bond and Batman. ‘We will watch your career with great interest’ . 😉


A one stop shop for all things Star Wars, including many top exclusive news stories.


Two alarmingly cool and normal blokes talking James Bond and building a community to match. What’s not to like? Keep up the good work, fellas!


Fun overviews of Dr Who, gaming and storytelling in general.


Weekly reviews, retrospectives and commentaries. Well informed, funny and with heart and soul.


The closest you can get to going down the Pub and talking movies..without actually going down the pub with these hilarious, brilliant hosts. Insightful, warm hearted, nostalgic FUN. Total antidote to corporatised product.


First rate legal and commercial analysis of the boardroom deals and machinations that sometimes shape our favourite film franchises.


Focused on Indiana Jones but also far wider in scope, given that one of the reasons the Indy films are so beloved is the legacy and wealth of creative input from industry wide pioneers /stars.


Richard Jackson and Duncan Casey named this after the fictional republic featured in classic Schwarzenegger lore COMMANDO (and PREDATOR?). Laddish humour marries to genuinely creative and well informed reviews. Good mix of looking back on favourite franchises and pitching alternative versions. New content /format; they graduated to own brand having been supporting players on the..


Mini movies that detail the making of classic titles from story through marketing / tie ins.  Ollie is now making a documentary: Last Action Heroes.



Speaks for itself, quite literally. And Kermode and company need no introduction, surely?



And of course there is our very own podcast..POLITFLIX! Returning soon, we look at film series from a political angle and view social issues / current affairs through the prism of Cinematic nostalgia.

Obviously this is not an exhaustive list. Just damn close. Did we miss something out? Would you like YOUR podcast featured /hosted in OUR community platform? Let us know and we’d be delighted to help get the message out there. Happy Listening! 



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