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Bank Holiday Trailer Time Bonanza! Terminator. Picard. Downton. Tarantino.

by James Murphy



To Entertain you This Bank Holiday and help you look forward to more Movie /TV Fun in the Coming Months: Here is a Selection of the latest Trailers..You are most welcome!



This does look promising, with minor reservations. It is not in any way a James Cameron movie, despite being marketed as such. Yes, he produced/gave story points but he also endorsed the last movie and that was awful. That said? Tim Miller directs action well and at its heart, Terminator = action /horror, with a dash of sci-fi coating to propel whichever narrative suits. They seem to ‘get’ that. There is a more complicated adversary: neither liquid metal nor convoluted moving machine parts but a logical extension of what has gone before. Liquid and solid metal, functioning independently? And he looks lean and menacing, with and without the CGI backup so, good job, Gabriel Luna!

It’s great to see Linda Hamilton back in action, too. Minimal use of Arnold Schwarzenegger and that’s a shame. The last 3 films did not suffer due to his presence /absence; it’s a question of HOW you use him and deploy him in the action, honouring the spirit of the first two films without simply repeating things in a relentless in-joke that depletes both the cool credibility and menace of the character. One hopes it’s not simply a cameo and also that there is some reinvention, as this an older man..with surprise beard! Maybe he plays the human template on which the original warrior robots were based? Interesting twist!

So: yep. I will be seeing this and look forward to doing so. But best go in with the lowest of low expectations to enable pleasant surprise rather than facilitating disappointment. HASTA LA VISTA..




The best things about this? Well, it’s a break from the, to my mind, rather downbeat DISCOVERY. And it’s nice to see a nearly 80 year old man get top billing so good on you, Patrick Stewart! A return to the more classy and class-ic style of old Trek, with philosophical musings and an appreciation of life, love, adventure and inter-stellar travel. The wine motif is beautiful, too, with sci-fi touches to traditional vineyard keeping a lovely touch. That said? It invests heavily in an assumption that this is somehow a legendary action-adventure icon? As in, we should be somehow roused to excitement by the glimpse of his boots or a curiosity about why he’s been away so long? That simply invites continuity problems and also, to an extent, arguably repeats the Next Generation movie mistake of trying to paint Jean-Luc as a kind of world weary, kick arse, franchise friendly warrior. That’s NOT him!

So there is zero virtue in a big build up to his reveal onscreen like he’s Indiana Jones or James Bond. The character is a pompous, officious, ponderous type who happens to deliver in an action scenario, when needed. That’s what distinguished him from Kirk and the other Captains. So, this plays to the strengths of the brand but has the implicit danger of repeating the hero-worship / star ego flattery that derailed this series to begin with. And yet, one cannot help but be curious about this series and just pleased it exists at all. Jonathan Frakes is directing some episodes and that alone, bodes very well indeed. ENGAGE! MAKE IT SO! 



Everyone seemed to love this glorified soap opera come Upstairs/Downstairs tribute. And it made household name stars of just about anyone who featured in the show. So it makes solid sense that the brand be resurrected for Cinema. Same cast. Same basic set-up. But condensed into a neat little movie. It revolves around a visit from Royalty. And that’s all one can say, frankly. If you loved the show, you will see the film!



This has had AMAZING feedback at Cannes. I love Cannes (fond memories of having cocktails with Benicio Del Toro there) and, contrary to some whispers, its appeal is not on the wane and its influence remains strong. Might the festival evolve, even reduce /consolidate content? Sure! But it’s still the go to place for an annual market-place of distribution deals and critical plaudits for movies that might just win Oscars the following year. At once art-house and commercial, creative and professional, fun and professional, glamorous and accessible..there simply is no place like Cannes in the festival season.

So, if a movie makes waves at all, let alone receives unanimous praise, among the assorted power brokers? Then it’s a good bet that you have a palpable hit on your hands. And so it is for ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD. Tarantino and co received a six minute standing ovation for the movie and, whilst spoilers are forbidden, what I can say is that the history of the thing (the Sharon Tate subplot) is treated with some measure of sensitive creativity rather than insensitive exploitation. As a reference point: think of the way Inglorious Basterds took on WW2. Special Thanks: Baz Bamigboye (Chief Entertainment Columnist, Daily Mail) 

Thanks also:  Leonardo DiCaprio (Leeeeooo): great to see you teamed with Brad Pitt onscreen.

The new trailer also shows us Al Pacino and Kurt Russell as well as other cast members at work. Tarantino has stressed that he is still toying with a longer edit/cut of the film. But in any event, assume it’s headed for great Box Office and critical success.


We will review these new productions on their release. Happy Bank Holiday, meantime! 






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