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Time to Play VIRAL BINGO! Looking back at the BEST BINGO SCENES in Film and Television

by James Murphy

The Best Bingo Scenes in TV and Film

Although bingo has been around for many centuries, it has gained significant popularity in recent years. As the trending hype continues, TV shows and films have been including bingo scenes for many reasons. This is probably because some directors or the main characters love the game. But most importantly, including bingo connects with audiences that appreciate the game. For those who love playing bingo, you should watch some of these films and TV shows for entertainment and also to understand how popular your favorite game is.

Better Call Saul

The producers of this film are the brains behind other popular films and TV shows like Breaking Bad. They have given this one all the effort it needs. As you watch the film, you will realize that bingo is an important game that helps people to win others’ hearts. Saul, a lawyer and the main character in the movie, uses the game to bring people together and tell them what he can offer as a lawyer. Although he does not utilize the moment well, the scene helps us to know that this game is very important in social life.

Bad Grandpa

This movie is also popular because it features stars from Jackass. Since it is a comedy, it was expected to bring laughter to many homes, and indeed it did. In one of the scenes, one of the stars is seen playing bingo with a group of friends while engaging in a serious conversation. Away from the comic theme of the movie, bingo serves as an activity that can bring people together to discuss serious matters.

The Babadook

This horror thriller movie gives us another reason why bingo is an important game in society. If you have read about the game, you may have noticed that it helps to relax the mind. The main character, a widow who is mentally disturbed, is seen playing bingo with people she cares for in a care home. As of that moment, every one of them seems to forget all their troubles and enjoy the game. If you are in such a situation, you should visit this UK bingo website and start playing.


This thriller movie shows the killer rampaging in a bingo hall where many people are already enjoying the game. Many of them hardly notice the killer in the hall as they are captivated by the game. This is another lesson that bingo requires focus to fully enjoy it. Just as in the other movies, we can learn that bingo has many benefits. Imagine all the people that come to bingo halls to relax as they play.

Hotel Transylvania

Spooky bingo is loved by kids, and this movie is proof of that. In addition to adults, kids can also play bingo. This horror movie shows the monsters in the hotel enjoying the game in a movie that is meant for kids. Therefore, your child can watch it and enjoy this movie.

Now you know some of the movies you should watch if you love bingo.





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