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Every Movie is a Gamble. Hence: The Casino is the Ideal Film Set!

by James Murphy

Why Casinos Make Appealing Film Sets


It has to be said that there are loads of films that are either set in or heavily feature time in a casino. So why do directors and screenwriters feel that this is such a great location? AmericanCasinos.com investigates and looks at some of the blockbusters that were set in casinos all over the world.


Out of the Ordinary


Films tend to do one of two things, reflect day to day life or take us on a flight of fantasy to worlds and lands that don’t really exist, populated by mythical characters dreamed up in the imagination of the writer. One thing that moviegoers love is to see what we know to be real life but a life that most of us are not likely to really experience. Casinos for a lot of people, especially the high stakes, glamorous Las Vegas strip venues tend to be something we only experience on a holiday, maybe once in a lifetime.


Take Casino Royale, for example. Our long-standing hero James Bond finds himself in Montenegro, in a casino where he must beat the private banker and negotiate the terrorists to win the day. The backdrop of the casino is the perfect setting for his tuxedo, and the women are equally stunning in evening wear dripping with diamonds, and the audience immediately experiences a sense of escapism and envy as they wish they could be right there in the action. Of course, there is then the tension of the games they play, in this case, poker, and the potential outcomes. Is anyone cheating? This is a common thing for the bad guys to do, and although it doesn’t happen as casinos are so well organised and regimented to avoid that kind of thing, it adds to the thrill of the storyline.


In Ocean’s Eleven, the plot centres around the plans of Danny Ocean, who with his team of eleven intend to clear out three of the biggest casinos in Vegas at the same time. The daring plot of the faceless casino, with the vast vaults of money versus the criminal gang, offers the perfect hook into another world that most people are never likely to be part of. Clearly, the only place we would be going if we attempted such a thing is straight to jail for a very long time! So the chance to watch this play out on the big screen is thrilling and offers an escape from the mundanity of daily life.


With lots of bustle, lights and noise they are also great for getting camera angles and some pretty spectacular footage, although of course, not all venues are as high-end and glamorous as the ones we might see at the movies. That said it is unlikely to lose popularity as a venue of choice for film writers and the crew as it really does have so much to offer from high-risk bets to all the action of a robbery. So we say let the escapism continue, long live the casino movie set.




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