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SUPERMAN, GODZILLA and others vs THANOS? Yes. It’s a Thing. And GREAT fun!

by James Murphy

ENDGAME is out on Streaming Platforms. Great! This means lots of Fan Videos..

I know you all adore ENDGAME. I know that in theory it’s a great film and one cannot fault its technique. But they still draw it out for three hours and are needlessly dour and broody in the ending, ‘imho’. I do LOVE that Portals scene though. Seems I am not alone. To make it even more awesome and add even more feel good vibes? Imagine if SUPERMAN / other figures joined the fight?

Here is the original scene: It’s Biblical in proportion and imagery. They’ll be playing this in a thousand years. It is like a cave painting in primal lore whilst playing with every technological tool of today.


Can it get MORE rip roaring, soul soaring, motivational, inspirational, moving?? Hold. My. Beer..

Thanks, Adeel of Steel! It just shows, too: IMAGINE if Superman were done ‘right’: Cavill flying into defeat a TRULY worthy threat, with high stakes yet a sense of light, optimism and THAT John Williams theme? TAKE MY MONEY NOW!!

But then, the principle does go both ways. One can take any other assembly / fight /epic conclusion scene from film history and insert the amazing Alan Silvestri’s ‘Portals’ theme and it enhances the feeling, no end. (nb no slight on existing scores which are no doubt marvellous, too..but..yep).

As CHENJ points out on YouTube: Portals goes with ANYTHING!


Who else would YOU like to see edited into the PORTALS scene? Equally, which other franchises could benefit from some Silvestri score injection at the critical moment? We would love to hear from you..and heck, we’d be happy to look at doing the edit, too!


  • DOMINIC TORETTO (VIN DIESEL) shows why Hobbs and Shaw on their own are boring..as he wipes out THANOS in one car race! Difficult to top the Brian Tyler Fast theme, though?
  • JAMES BOND (DANIEL CRAIG) looks over Thanos’ army, and just declares ‘The name’s Bond, James Bond’..wiping them all out. Maybe he brings the other Bonds with him for help as his own army, too?
  • DOCTOR WHO (DAVID TENNANT): ‘Well Thanos, yes, I suppose you COULD wipe out half of life..but WHY?’..

And so on..



    • Imagine a winning punch from Rocky /Creed, set to Portals’ score.
    • Ethan Hunt accomplishing yet another ‘mission impossible’ and this time to Silvestri’s music (almost happened back in 1996, before Alan was replaced by Danny Elfman; fine..but time for a rematch; though Lorne Balfe’s FALLOUT music takes some beating!).
    • Indiana Jones rescuing the slave children with some Portals magic from Silvestri fused to John Williams‘ existing, majestic score

‘Right. ALL of us!’.

  • The Boats in DUNKIRK coming to the rescue, accompanied by that Avengers’ tune?
  • William Wallace / Maximus taking to battlefields, with James Horner /Hans Zimmer backed by the Silvestri stuff..
  • Expendables to the rescue?
  • And so on..



Suspect you get the idea. Beauty of the new democratised viral video market: one can cross pollinate franchises. On a coffee break! Have a good weekend, one and all. And just remember: we ALL have an Avenging army of mates out there who might come and save us sometime. Granted, they don’t all look like Pepper Potts and Captain Marvel (well, mine do but hey..sorry). And if not? Try and build one. Try and BE that friend to someone. Coz you never know when a real life Thanos is at the gate and needs a beating. God Bless. We love you, 3000..;)┬á




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