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Top Tech Films

by James Murphy

Top Technology Movies to Watch: as Dark Fate is upon us..here are the movies to prepare with!

Today, technology almost runs our lives. If we so please we can do anything online, even play casino games; thanks to websites like onlinecasinolondon.com/. Right from the time technology has impacted our lives, there have been stories and films on possible future technologies and the effects of advancement in technologies on human beings. We have been treated to light-hearted romantic comedies and truly thought-provoking future scenarios through the ages.


Sure, there are mind blowing gadgets out there. But meantime, why not look to the movies?


Technology-based movies have always been able to make big bucks at the box office. Here is a list of top technology movies that you should absolutely watch.


One of the most popular future-technology based movies, the movie ‘Terminator’ revolved around a futuristic cyborg and its quest to find and eliminate a person. This movie explored a number of popular technological advancements like robots that look very much like humans, Artificial Intelligence or machines that can think for themselves, etc. which are very much a reality today (though not as evil as portrayed). The movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger as the cyborg and with iconic performances from the cast is a cult classic.


A movie that managed to propel Keanu Reeves to the superstar he is today, Matrix was the first installation of a three-part film. The exploration of the idea of simulation, the movie is trying to introduce people to the concept that we might live in virtual reality in the future. With a number of technically advanced and intricate technology-related concepts, the film ultimately celebrates the strength of the human mind even over the state-of-art technology we have and could create.

The Net

A film exploring one of our worst fears about the internet, The Net is an imaginative take on how cyber-theft can wreak havoc in an ordinary person’s life. A thrilling depiction of the troubles of a tech-savvy computer analyst, this movie explores the possibility of our lives being held ransom by clever cybercriminals and hackers.

Iron Man

One of the best technology-based superhero movies of recent times, ‘Iron Man’ has managed to capture the imagination of audiences. Totally and utterly full of futuristic technology and mind-blowing gadgets, including an, AI powered-suit, this movie is a treat for people who love technology and technology-based movies. Based on the life of a tech-savvy millionaire Tony Stark, this movie and its sequels are a must-see.


Today, voice-activated gadgets and voice-activated virtual assistants are a reality. With programs like Siri and Alexa, we have been able to realise our dream of talking and interacting with machines and getting things done just by our voice. This reality has been further improved upon in the movie ‘She’ where the protagonist has an almost romantic relationship with his AI-powered voice assistant that he names Samantha and that can listen, interact and learn. This movie looks to explore the possible ill effects of such technology and the importance of keeping things real, especially, when it comes to the matters of the heart.


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