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Are you a Good Study? Netflix is here to help!

by James Murphy

Top Netflix Movies and Series to Watch as a Student

As a student, there are various films which you can watch either for entertainment or for educational purposes. Regardless of the purpose, these movies help you learn something important. Thus, you need to look for movies or series which will impact your life wither way and enable you to learn something from them.

Thanks to Netflix, it is easy and quite simple for you to recall your peaceful youth days without leaving your room. Nevertheless, there are various shows on Netflix for students which you can watch as you reminisce your childhood moments.

Top Netflix movies to watch as a student

As aforementioned, there are various movies and series that you can watch on Netflix, irrespective of the purpose they seek to serve. But, it is up to you to select a good movie which when your professor asks you to write a movie review, it will be easy for you to write my essay  fast.

The Irishman

The Irishman is a film about a man, Frank Sheeran, who has a lot to think about. He is a former hitman and labor union high official, who learned to kill while serving in Italy during the Second World War. He now reflects his life and he believes that the life he was leading defines his mob career, maintaining relationships with the Bufalino crime family.

The Perfect Date

This is a 2019 American comedy film whose Director is Chris Nelson. The star, Brooks Rattigan has the academic prowess fit for getting him into his dream school, Ivy League school. However, he does not have sufficient funds. But, with a little help from his friend, Murph, they launch an application which advertises and markets Brooks as the ideal plus-one for all events. Hence, this makes him end up with the girl of his dreams thereby causing him to reassess his life.

This film teaches you not to give up when you face challenges that hinder you from achieving your goals. Hard work always pays.

Let It Snow

Let It Snow is one of the college shows on Netflix of the romantic comedy genre. It is a fil whereby a snowstorm brings together a group of high schoolers after it hits their town on Christmas Eve. After some time, their friendships and love lives start colliding. And when Christmas comes, things are not the same.

Such a film teaches you how best to draft your articles leaving the audience wanting to read more of it.

The Kissing Booth

This is a romantic comedy film which involves a pretty teenage girl who has never kissed or been kissed before. Her life comes to change when she decides to run a kissing booth only to find herself locking lips with her secret crush in an unexpected manner.

This film teaches you to develop interesting stories which gauge the mind of the readers making them want to find more about the occurrence of events.

Top Netflix series to watch as a student

There are also Netflix series which you can watch to pass time or gauge your mind. And these include;

Stranger things

Most graduates often who work in Edu Jungles recommend undergraduates to watch this film. Stranger things is a science fiction horror film that involves a group of friends witnessing supernatural forces as well as secretive government feats. While searching for answers, the children disentangle a series of astonishing mysteries.

This film teaches you to develop content which will make the audience want to read more of your paper. Also, you need to keep it as interesting as you can.


Daredevil is one of the top shows on Netflix which is a story about a man who lost his sight in an accident. He uses his heightened senses as Daredevil to combat crime after the sun sets. His day job necessitates him to believe in the criminal justice system but his alter ego does not.

Such a film teaches you that in every story there are two sides. And when writing your paper, you need to provide evidence to show why you take a particular stance.

Chilling Adventures on Sabrina

This film is about a teenage girl who is a half-witch and resides in a supernatural homestead with her two witchy aunts and her sorcerer cousin. She must find her footing in the real and witchcraft world.

Such films show how you can leave the audience wanting to know more of the rest of your story. It gauges their minds and they would not want to stop reading your paper.

The End of the F***ing World

This is a show about a teenager who is convinced that he is a psychopath. He is on a journey to find his first human kill. But, he comes to be a charming love.

Such a film requires you to engage the audience. They ought to state their points of view regardless of whether they align with yours or not.

13 Reasons Why

This is one of the best TV shows for teens which involves a high school student who receives 7 cassettes demystifying the mysterious rationale for the suicide of his crush.

Such a film teaches you that when writing a lengthy essay such as a research paper, you need to provide concrete evidence and that your paper should flow in a systematic manner.



How to manage time for such beautiful relax as a student

Time management is a crucial factor in everyone’s life. Despite having too many assignments to handle, you need to get time to relax and watch something as this will boost your productivity. To manage your time well, you should;

Be organized

Organization is the key to accomplishing anything you want in life. If you want to graduate with good grades, you need to develop a plan in which you will use to handle all your assignments and deliver them on time.

Take any help in studying

If you are unable to comprehend something, do not struggle too much with it. Instead, get professional help from services such as Essay Basics and let their experts help you out.

Limit distractions

When studying, ensure that your phone is silent as well as your study room. Disable the notifications bar on your computer so that you concentrate.

In conclusion, TV shows can help you develop and improve your writing skills. And, above are some of the best teen shows on Netflix that you can use to grow as a writer.


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