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BAFTAS and SUPERBOWL go VIRAL: All the Info / Clips /News..

by James Murphy

A Big Night for Entertainment! One is the Dress Rehearsal FOR the Oscars. The other is bigger THAN the Oscars! Guess which one is which..




Congratulations to all winner and nominees. JOKER gets a big acting gong: no surprise there, it’s a great Phoenix performance albeit in a movie lacking original voice or uplifting vision imho. I do enjoy watching his scenes: shades of Michael Jackson, hints of Robin Williams, part Jim Carrey, dash of Bill Murray and a look of the Heath Ledger iteration of the character? It’s also a lot like the comic in so far as camp and pathos are fused to sudden menace. ‘WHAT DO YOU GET? YOU GET WHAT YOU DESERVE: An acting award!’.


1917 won big. Rightly so: innovative camerawork, worthy subject matter. Director, Sam Mendes also a gentleman (wrote me a hand written note once at Oxford..did I mention that a hundred times before..ok..101, now).

Graham Norton hosted and did a latte Ricky Gervais. A few nods and pokes at the WOKE culture without offending anyone or being anywhere near as beautiful or lovely as Joanna Lumley. I love Graham. He’s leagues better than James Corden in my book. But this gig was fairly middle of the road stuff. Even David Walliams was funnier at the ghastly National Television Awards (‘CHAVTA’); albeit, perhaps..unintentionally?

That said? Graham was funnier than Rebel Wilson: most awkward skit..ever? It’s gone truly viral though so you all love it. Fine. And he has been upstaged by his own Friday show, which is so good it frankly dwarfs most of Norton’s other endeavours. He provokes good conversations and makes guests feel relaxed.

THAT is why Jim Carrey felt able to joke TO (not AT /ABOUT) Margot Robbie in reference to her career take-off. Yes, she is a great actress. Yes, looks and sexuality kinda helped get her star power moved up a grade; same way male actors go and get abs if they want an action part. Nothing wrong with joking about that, comfortably. Creepy it wasn’t. If you want to see Jim play creepy? Watch 1996’s Cable Guy. This comment to Margot? Absolutely fine, even in today’s charged climate.

Back to BAFTA..(or, as sweet, lovely Nicole Kidman pronounces it in her classic, Australian elongation..’Baaahhhffftaaa’).

Funniest turn of the night was Prince William. Seeking diversity. Wills /Kate now overstretched, surely, post Megzit? And however well intended, he has no business pronouncing on diversity in an industry of which he isn’t an active part. Kate on red carpet..photographed like she’s one of the actresses or something? It’s outdated. Sorry.

Prince Edward, on the other hand, has a tv production company, made films, pitched in Hollywood and worked his way up through the Really Useful Company from tea boy onwards..so perhaps he rather than Wills ought to be Prince of BAFTA? Just a thought.


The annual trailer / viral clip stream tradition, continues.

This time James Bond joined the fun because his movie this year comes out in April rather than the usual November / December. A solid teaser to add to the existing trailer without giving too much away. Bond looks super cool in shades, riding a switch blade glider plane of some hi tech sort.

Lashana still front and centre, it seems. Why?! THIS SHOULD BE NAOMIE HARRIS AS MONEYPENNY, SURELY? And what’s with the slow talking? And if she is this hot new better than 007 agent at everything..why has she NOT flown this new switch bladey thingie before Bond? .

Careful now: it’s a thin line between Live and Let Die and Die Another Day: this film MUST balance tension, fun, humour and escapist gloss without making those facets too telegraphed in tonal shift. 

M looking dour, even scary..could Ralph Fiennes be a secret baddie? Lea Seydoux looking lovely but also.. maybe.. the femme fatale, secretly the mastermind of SPECTRE after her father’s death, and the Christoph Waltz’ Blofeld a mere decoy? Time will tell. Can’t wait to see this.

Elsewhere, mid show? There was a musical number in the break from sport/movies.

J-Lo and Shakira teamed up in a battle of the bouncingly beautiful bottoms. Throw in Beyoncé and Mariah Carey and it’d be the ultimate showdown!

Other highlights included a Marvel mash-up of forthcoming television / film product. And a new spot for TOP GUN: MAVERICK. It looks awesome in the action stakes; though very much a tailor made Tom Cruise as best ever at everything star power platform? No sign yet of Val Kilmer or Kelly McGillis. What do you mean they are not in it?! 

My personal favourite highlight? THAT Groundhog Day skit as JEEP ad. Not a canonical continuation of course; but a respectful tribute with Bill Murray front and centre. Bodes well for his turn in Ghostbusters later this year.


To the Groundhog!


Have a great week!



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