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Don’t let an Essay Crisis Become a Drama

by James Murphy

Professional Essay Paper from College Paper Writing Service

Students choose to use professional essay writing services for a multitude of reasons. They run out of time to get their essay paper written and submitted on time. A family emergency may come up that prevents them from getting all of their work done. They may fall sick.

Any number of obstacles may arise to prevent them from meeting their academic commitments. This is typically when a student will start an internet search to find out what help is available online to help them out of a tight spot.

The internet search for professional writing services

Driven by the need to avoid failure, the intrepid student (that’s you), will feel compelled to conduct an internet search to find an excellent college paper writing service.

This internet search may begin with the faint notion to find someone that will provide guidance in completing their homework. Or, it may be the intention from the start to pay someone else to write a custom essay paper for them.

The reason for the search doesn’t make much difference. This is because students need a little extra help from time to time with the writing of their college essay paper in a fast-paced environment.

Who better to reach out to for assistance than someone familiar with this type of requirement, than a college writer? The next step, once you’ve found some potential websites, is to evaluate their credentials.

Do your research as a good student should

By now, you will have come across five to 10 websites that specialize in the college paper writing service. A quick look through each one will give you a good idea whether they use English Native Language (ENL) writers or focus on English Second Language (ESL) writers. The sites will frequently offer a look at writing samples. These samples make it easy to ascertain the writer’s fluency in English.

Many students won’t be concerned about the quality of the written English used in the college paper that they need. They will be more concerned about the quality of the content in the completed custom essay paper that they order.

These preferences will depend entirely on the student’s needs at the time they request their paper essay. What will be vital in choosing the right custom paper writing service is whether the writers have college degrees.

Qualified custom essay papers’ writers

When filtering out the essay papers’ writing sites, be sure to check that writers are all required to have passed their own degrees. It won’t help your urgent cause to get a professional writing paper done if the writer isn’t suitably qualified.

The writer may be a good researcher, but they may not have specialized in your particular field. If you are studying business management, you want to be sure that the person who writes your college papers has passed a degree in this field. If not, move on to the next site.

The chances are good that all of the sites you find will state that their writers have college degrees at various levels. You can then pay a higher price to get a first-degree essay paper written by a writer with a second degree.

Alternatively, you can opt to have your bachelor’s essay paper written by someone who has graduated at this level. If the ENL issue and the qualifications of the writers have been established, your next step is to look at the price of the paper, how quickly you can get it done, and how many free revisions you will be allowed together with your money-back guarantee.

Essay paper price, deadline, revision and money-back guarantee

Maybe the only factor that distinguishes the custom essay papers sites you look at, is their pricing per 275 words. Make a tick next to this box then and move on to find out how the pricing per 275 words is scaled per deadline of hours or days.

Urgent college papers required in six hours or so maybe close to double the normal price of a paper required in 48 hours or seven days. Once you have clarified these costs against the deadlines, the next issue to examine is the policy regarding revisions.

Does the site offer unlimited revisions for its custom essay papers? Does it offer at least three revisions per paper essay? Either of these options is good because customers can sometimes get carried away and become unreasonable with their revision requests but either of these choices provides sufficient cover.

Most college essay paper writing services offer a money-back guarantee. This will only apply to extreme cases where the customer has been compromised through their writer’s negligence.

Most paper writing essays build in a guarantee to avoid this happening, although they will always state that they cannot guarantee that any of their essay papers will receive a pass mark. The risk lies with the customer/student, but typically these college paper writing services deliver excellent work at reasonable prices.


Lucy Benton is a writing coach, an editor who finds her passion in expressing own thoughts as a blogger and currently works at essay writing service reviews. She is constantly looking for ways to improve her skills and expertise, you can check her last review on  best essay writing service.



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