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Return of the Troll. Why can’t you just quit while you are BEHIND?

by James Murphy

Logged into social media today. I see YOU are BACK!


Look, mr whoever you are. I made myself clear. REPEATEDLY. Throughout the last FIVE YEARS. You just don’t seem to get the message, do you? So I will rehearse. One more time. In the Queen’s English. You are being pathetic. Creepy. Inane. I could use other adjectives but they’d be wasted on you. 

You go by this twitter handle, it seems: https://twitter.com/actionanderson

And you set up this account in my name, without ANY authorisation: 


  • I and indeed many others find your Twitter posts offensive.
  • Today, you set up a fake account there in my name.
  • You used a picture that was taken by a much missed dear friend of mine. 


  • You bombarded Twitter with pornographic content.
  • On a day when America mourns the loss of an innocent, you chose to politicise the account, too: lots of #MAGA and addresses to the President.
  • THINK about that for ONE SECOND.


  • You are willing to risk kids seeing porn on a public platform; you are determined to impugn the innocent.
  • And you have done so on a day when everyone else, universally, is seeking to reflect, heal, protest. 

Well done.

What you have done is outed yourself as an inadequate coward and a potentially dangerous one.

Your behaviour is now, prima facie, stalking / harassment and identity theft/malicious defamation. Criminal offences in the UK.

It isn’t satire or fair comment or creative criticism. ‘James, disagree with you on that review’ = ok. Stalking / ID theft / defamation = very not ok. Twitter agrees on this btw.

  • And yes, this is now and has been, for five years, a UK BASED site.
  • So I can use either USA or UK or both sets of statute to come after you, with the full force of law.
  • This is a blog. A basically (save occasional guest interviews; all most valued btw) one man operation and a hobby with potential commercial development on the table if I see fit.
  • EVERYONE who contributed to the previous iteration pre acquisition was offered the chance to contribute again. I gave all of you fair chance to do so.
  • I also indicated that I was happy to at least listen to a sensible bid to buy back: fine! It’s not for sale but..hey..business is business.

You CHOSE not to interact on ANY civilised level.

You CHOSE to try sabotaging the site. FOR FIVE YEARS. The fact that you have not let this go now makes me VERY concerned for YOUR mental health. 

One more time. Cease and Desist. DO NOT DO THIS AGAIN. If you do? The UK AND US based Police authorities, as well as Lawyers will be involved and you will face the consequences. 

This persistent abuse is on one hand easily ignored /blocked/moved on from. But it is also indicative of a wider toxicity and I cannot let that pass. It is poisoning the well of film criticism and compromising the safety of young, innocent, impressionable people at a most vulnerable time in the world. 

I truly hope you can see sense this time.




(Editor /Owner; Movie-Viral)


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