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A New Blonde Bombshell is in Town. Elizabeth Ertel Settles the Movie Scores!

by James Murphy

Elizabeth Ertel takes us on a journey through Movie Music and Style.

The lady belongs in some smoky jazz bar set-piece from a pulp noir movie.

A versatile vocal talent and musical mastermind, Ms Ertel has a long and varied back catalogue of signature numbers, both original compositions and distinctive cover version takes on established tunes.

The common denominator is a thespian theatricality and cinematic aura. One does not so much listen passively to her music as watch and experience the visual and sensual presentation. Soon to relaunch her profile across platforms, now is the ideal time to sit down with this hot talent and take her recommendations on cinematic sound and sight..


  • Windmills of Your Mind /The Thomas Crown Affair:

A personal favourite. I have covered on occasion. It is a character in itself, getting to the heart of Thomas Crown as a character and why he does what he does: in his business, in the extra-curricular theft and ultimately, in love. The principle applies to both versions of the film and no doubt they will use it in the new remake with Michael B Jordan (announced recently).

  • As Time Goes By /Casablanca : 

On the surface of it, the song is a sentimental, innocent affair. But in the context of the film and its characters? It is a wake-up call, an awakening for Bogart’s Rick Blaine. He cannot hide from the consequences of love and must somehow find a way to honour the woman who inspired him in Paris. ‘fundamental things apply’: he must choose a side and help her escape. On one hand, he does so to reflect their love affair in Paris, the man she comes to for help, the knight in shining armour. Every male fantasy? On the other ‘the world must welcome lovers’ and the lovers here are Ilsa and Laszlo. So it is bittersweet, beautiful. Simple yet complex. Just like the film itself. And just like life?

  • Pirates of the Caribbean series /Hans Zimmer:

Zimmer IS modern movie music. And the Pirates films are the perfect proof of why that is the case. He manages to capture the rocking of a boat, the crest of a wave, the ordered chaos and chaotic
order that goes on in the mind and on the decks of Johnny Depp’s Captain Jack Sparrow.

  • The Good the Bad and the Ugly /Morricone:

Once again, it’s all about atmospherics. It was sad to lose Morricone recently, though he lived a long life and leaves a timeless legacy. This music here, among his many great scores, captures the dirt and dust and danger of cowboy life as well as its fun spirit of adventure.

  • Love Actually / Various:

People can get rather nasty in their criticism of this movie. But I LOVE it. A perfect Christmas treat one can nonetheless enjoy at any time of year. Bill Nighy is divine and hilarious. Craig Armstrong’s score is atmospheric and haunting and rousing all at once and the choices of soundtrack songs all suit the moods of the various threads in story and character.




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