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Christopher J Smith Takes us Back to the MOVIES!

by James Murphy


So those Cinemas / ‘Theaters’ have NOT opened doors as such. Indeed, we might as well be still in universal lockdown. It should be perfectly possible to arrange for social distancing / safe mask wearing /seat allocation. But no. And we must, prima facie at least, simply accept that judgement as somehow in our best interests for now. Is it ideal? No. Hell no!

Top Gun 2, Tenet and now very possibly, No Time to Die: delayed? It is sad, it is disrupting, no all but destroying a beloved blockbuster tradition and industry. The good news is that film itself never dies and the following inspirational classics can be bought/rented/streamed/enjoyed. They are Christopher J Smith’s selection of alternative blockbuster entertainments for the summer that never was.

You’re most welcome.

    • The Green Mile:

Challenging. Moving. Substantial. This is not an easy watch but it is most rewarding if you invest, emotionally and intellectually. One of the best adaptations of Stephen King’s work and an excellent companion piece to Shawshank Redemption. Particularly pertinent in these uncertain and charged times. One of Tom Hanks’ best performances and a revelatory turn from the late, great Michael Clarke Duncan.

  • Lord of the Rings Trilogy:

Unbeaten and unbeatable accomplishment in the history of movie-making. Epic entertainments that stand as serious literary and substantial works of art, whilst also functioning as escapist fantasy. The landscape shots alone make each film worth experiencing in any format.


Man of Steel has its merits (stunning visuals, Henry Cavill rocks the role) and Superman Returns tried to break new ground. But you cannot beat the purity of story-telling from the Christopher Reeve quadrilogy. Yes, I include part 3 (funny, action packed, pop culture gem) and 4 (defeated by budgetary limitations, it’s nonetheless a worthy character study on Superman’s morality). Parts 1 and 2 are flawless in scope, philosophical contemplation, simple Americana and optimistic hope.

  • Captain Phillips:

Tom Hanks AGAIN! This man has never given a bad performance but this is truly great work and it is a criminal shame that the Academy awards failed to recognise him here. It’s a tense thriller, a lesson in maritime politics and a simulation of life at sea.

  • X MEN series:

Hard to believe but it is now TWENTY years since that first X MEN movie landed in Cinemas. Its success spelled the renaissance of the comic book movie and launched Hugh Jackman’s star power on a blockbuster stage. X3 is much maligned but fun; First Class is a moving study in friendship and learning to manage supreme power amidst period details and flawless world building. Days of Future Past is arguably the best of the bunch, especially in its dynamic between Fassbender,
McAvoy and Lawrence.



EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE MOVIES is a study in cinematic craft, entertainment, ensemble acting and balancing escapist, family fun with harder edged ‘darker’ issues. Downey of course owns each movie: he is funny, compelling, complex, charismatic.

But it’s genuinely a case of each actor getting a moment to shine and enjoying substantial script details to match. One cannot beat the feel-good funand pace of the first film, as that was a kind of Star Wars level blast of fresh air. And the subsequent episodes are all pertinent to our lives today as we struggle with everything from over-population to AI, unchecked. So it’s good to confront those issues but on an imaginative and colourful comic book scale.



Christopher J Smith was born in Tupelo Mississippi. He started his acting career at the age of sixteen when he walked into his first official acting class located in Columbus Mississippi.
While exploring life Christopher went to Paramedic school and then Nursing school. Christopher is passionate about being of service to mankind.

During a major family crisis Christopher had moved his family to the inspiring city of Asheville North Carolina. It was here in Asheville that he made the decision to go part time as a RN and truly dive into the world of Film and Television. He walked into a Studio called NYS3 where he then started taking a program called The Meisner Technique. Christopher would complete a three year commitment to the craft at The Actors Lab in Charlotte North Carolina in the fall of 2018. He now lives in the Hollywood of the south we call Atlanta.

Christopher has since then produced a Television pilot, a short film, while working on several local commercials and industrials in the southern united states of america. Christopher has a drive and passion for storytelling that is contagious. He seeks guidance from those who have travelled the path before him and in return extends a helping hand to those who also seek a career in the industry. Christopher continues to train with Meisner coach David Cox who trained directly with the legendary Sanfrod Meisner at the Actors Playhouse in New York City.

Christopher believes that acting is a privilege and honor. He also knows the amount of work it takes to bring a character to life.

For Christopher, acting is more than standing in front of a camera:

‘It’s owning who you are and allowing that to be seen while being completely vulnerable. A truly spiritual experience that I want to live for the rest of my life. We are here to tell stories and I am here to help bring those stories to life’.

Christopher is currently working on a project in British Colombia. 


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