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How to Write a Movie Review without Spoilers

by James Murphy


Everyone knows that one irritating person who tells you what happens at the end of Fight Club /Sixth Sense/Doctor Who. Don’t be that person…especially when writing reviews!

Almost everyone adores watching movies. Oftentimes, this kind of spending leisure time may be helpful for students. Their teachers and professors assign movie reviews. The main objective is to describe the most important details concerning the chosen or assigned movie. Not all students can plainly reveal their thoughts on the paper. Moreover, the assignment becomes more complicated when a teacher/professor demands to write a movie review without spoilers.

Many students cannot even imagine how to reach that difficult objective. Some of them use a writing service because they know how crafty professional academic writers are. However, you may try to write a movie review essay without spoilers using our smart prompts. This article explains how to reach those objectives almost effortlessly.

Watch the Movie

First of all, you should watch the movie assigned by your teacher or professor. Even if you run out of time, this step is inevitable. Otherwise, you won’t know what to write about. You may be lucky if your educator provides freedom of choice to save your time. If there’s no chance to watch it, you may know people who have seen it. Ask their honest and detailed opinion. Besides, you may read some descriptions on the Internet. 

Take Smart Notes

You should obligatorily take notes because it is pretty difficult to keep everything in your head. It’s better to take instant notes while you watch the movie. Oftentimes, they are the most important ones. Nonetheless, your afterthoughts are likewise important. You may change your opinion, understanding something vital about the piece you analyze. Therefore, take them during and after reviewing the piece. Afterward, divide them into some logical categories to organize your notes and complete the paper faster.

Give Heed to the History of the Movie

At times, the process of filming may provide you with several interesting stories. Read and notify some remarkable stories about the process of filming, post-production, casting, and something of the kind. Find the interviews of the actors and the director to get some captivating details. Perhaps they will make your review more interesting and informative.

Deliver Your Understanding

The next step is to deliver the main message to your audience without giving any spoilers. You should not reveal the development of the plot. However, you may tell your audience about the changes in the main characters.

Don’t write: “Carry has drastically changed after she has killed Harry. She turned into a heartless person”. If you write such sentences, you surely tell about one of the most crucial moments of the movie. You’d better write instead such sentences as: “After the turning point in her life, Carry has changed drastically. She wasn’t that soft person she used to be and this gave a new development to the plot and other characters”.

Mind that if you leave some hints, they will benefit your movie review. Your readers will be excited about what has affected the life of Carry. In the meanwhile, you won’t tell what exactly happened.

Evaluate Carefully

Make sure that your final thoughts don’t reveal any important plot developments. You are expected to evaluate everything that is possible concerning the movie. These are:

  • Acting;
  • Directing;
  • Costume design;
  • Sound and visual effects;
  • Technical elements, etc.

You should rate these and some other details. Express your opinion about how the actors played. Are you satisfied with their acting? Would like to see more emotions? Was the work of the director good? Did music supervision fit the environment of the movie? Ask these and similar questions and give fair answers. Nonetheless, you should never mention any crucial developments in the plot. Believe, this task isn’t that difficult.

Draft and Edit

Finally, you may start to write but don’t be too hasty. It is always better to write at least a couple of drafts. Thus, you’ll have a chance to review your assignment and make the necessary adjustments. The first draft may be quite messy. Simply pour down everything that occurs to your mind. The next draft is supposed to unite separate parts and make them coherent. They should be logically written one by one.

Obligatorily reread your movie review several times. Thus, you sufficiently increase your chances to spot some inappropriate parts and grammar mistakes. Read in your head and aloud. Don’t forget to apply some learning applications. They help to identify:

  • Grammar mistakes;
  • Incorrect spelling and punctuation;
  • Plagiarism;
  • Poor readability, etc.

Of course, you should avoid spoilers. When you revise your text, make sure you leave nothing more than hints. Indirectly explain the key developments.

How to Improve Readability?

When you edit your paper, try to fix what’s wrong. Reading and implementing special checking applications, you will definitely identify some drawbacks. One of them is the general readability of your text. Many students overcrowd their texts with irrelevant sentences, passive constructions, unknown words, and something of the kind. These drawbacks make any text hard to read and understand. Therefore, we propose several great prompts that improve readability. These are as follows:

  • Prefer the active voice;
  • Avoid too long sentences and paragraphs;
  • Make smooth transitions;
  • Cover one point at a time;
  • Avoid abbreviations, slang, jargon, stereotypes, etc.
  • If you have to use special terms, make sure you explain them.

Follow these smart and pretty easy prompts. They will help to cope with any movie review regardless of what you should describe. Besides, you’ll definitely avoid spoilers.



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