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Tom Hardy is the new James Bond! No, Wait, It’s Henry Cavill..no..it’s a WOMAN..No..it’s HIDDLESTON..No..it’s DANIEL CRAIG!

by James Murphy

Relax. There is no new James Bond. Yet. Here’s why. 

  • Yes, Tom Hardy would be awesome. Yes, he would bring machismo, refinement, elegance, style, warmth, wit and force of nature action credentials. But he is also a star already and therefore expensive and comes with baggage that would arguably upstage brand 007. And he is over 40. Notice all those so not racist people who said Idris cannot be Bond ‘it’s not because he’s black..I aint racist..but he’s too old!‘. Well bollox to them. But in a way? sure, age factors in. Roger Moore started at 46. But they boshed out bond films every five minutes back then. Now? Lucky to get one every 4 years. If the actor who starts now is over 40? Before you know it, retirement is on the agenda.

  • Yes, Henry Cavill would ace it. He almost won the role back in 2005. Deemed too young then, rightly so, though Martin Campbell (the director) was most impressed and Cavill quite literally was the runner up to Daniel Craig. Cavill is at home in military company, as he has family in the forces and he does lots for their charities. Looks great in fisherman/naval sweaters (a la Dalton). He’s physical, for sure (SUPERMAN!). Nice boy. Public school chap. He can also do violent action / refined villainy (MISSION:IMPOSSIBLE-FALLOUT). But would he really offer anything NEW? There is a hint of the Pierce Brosnan about him. Nothing wrong with that..just..hard to see how that would be a reboot, even soft?


  • Odds mean absolutely NOTHING. Dougray Scott had LOTS of bets placed on him in the run up to the 2005 announcement of Daniel Craig as the new 007. Scott would have been great, same as Clive Owen would have done a perfectly nice job. But it’s rarely, if EVER, who you THINK it is! Everyone betting on Hardy et al means very little. Sorry!

  • No Time to Die has not even been released yet. Would they REALLY risk casting a new Bond when they barely know if /when the Corona problem will abate slightly? Every second production is being stalled. So gearing one up, prematurely would be..well, premature. Let alone casting it with a major change in the lead. THINK about it. Heck, Daniel might even be tempted back for one more last ever Bond picture, in time for the 60th anniversary. We just don’t know yet.

  • The next Bond, once cast will be DIFFERENT. That’s PART of the FUN! Change is what defines 007. Change and yet somehow timelessness? So Tom Hardy, though fine, is a BIT samey? Bit too much like Craig, which is fine IF they simply want to set the next set of films in early Craig 007 continuity (we did miss most of his missions as that particular Bond kept getting shot / retiring/brooding/finding himself etc). So perhaps it’s now time for Bond to be played by a woman? Or by an actor who is very different to Craig? TOM HIDDLESTON. Discussions have taken place, apparently. Conditions include that he MUST play it in THOSE slippers. Ken Branagh must play his bodyguard. And Tim Dalton MUST do the flower arranging, having been impressed by his work on TENET..

Watch this space. Just not YET..

nb yes some content satirical.


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