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Dumb and Dumber 3: The Presidential Race

by James Murphy




Sadly, not a new Jim Carrey movie. No. This was the debate between two hopefuls for the highest office in the world: POTUS!

Film review sites / channels usually do one of two things. 1: ‘We don’t do politics’ or 2: ‘WE MUST STOP TRUMP AND BE WOKE!’.

I prefer to fall between those two camps. A Third Way, even? (Yes, I still love that Clinton/Blair epoch of centrism, economic progress and proactivity on the global stage).

There are times when political events shape film and vice versa. And then you see something so unbelievable in politics that it ought to be a film but in fact isn’t. Real life can be as strange and frustrating as anything ‘reel’. As it was with the Presidential debates, mark 1. And yes, I had to comment. So there!


I have TWO minutes to explain. NO INTERRUPTIONS..


  • This was like being back in Boarding School, circa 1990s. The Donald is the bully boy in the Dorm whose Dad owns everything and claims he can do anything he wants, whilst actually being a bit soft and rubbish. Joe was exactly like the school sneak who does a little bullying when nobody is watching, then listens to a Beatles track to make it all better.


  • People will have a go at the Host. He did what he could. Both candidates kinda shouted at him. And hey: Fox News. Very difficult to be truly impartial? BBC coverage was pretty baffling, too. Some lady going on about her glass of wine??? Um..


  • Biden told Donald to ‘shut up’ and referred to POTUS as a ‘clown’. Don’t do that. It ruins your nice guy image, means you are shaken /losing and violates even the most basic of school debate rules. But then, you ARE a career politician. 47 years, as Trump points out. And you survived? So there must be a Machiavellian side in there? Even Gary Hart’s team feared Biden’s tactics back in ’88..


  • The Donald brought up Joe’s sons as a topic. A blow below the belt, needlessly so. Why do that? Are you in the lead or against the ropes? Either way, this is a VERY VERY BAD TACTIC, DONALD. Also, very stupid: it gave moral high ground to Joe and indeed, made us like him more as his love for his sons was palpable. But no worries, Donald: coz Joe managed to fluff that opp, too.


  • Joe failed to denounce specific acts of violence; it was all too general. ‘violence is never….’ etc. Fine. But a bit timid? Thereby playing into the Donald’s claim that Joe is weak on law and order and soft on leftist movements?
  • POTUS then went and TOTALLY REDEEMED Joe..by FAILING TO DENOUNCE WHITE SUPREMACIST GANGS. AGAIN. Sure he said he’d be happy to do so (WATCH THE TAPE: Donald never endorses the KKK/racist baddies et al; just FAILS to totally denounce, which in effect is kinda the same thing??).

Oh and barely any policy discussion? Trump good on his figures and facts. Biden better on longer term enviro/social vision and legal makeup of Supreme Court definitions pre/post Election.

Trump wants THE BEST CLEAN AIR AND WATER EVER. Yet fails to say HOW. Biden wants a Green new deal..no wait..he does NOT want it..ah I am confused. I must be dumb?!

All in all? I call it a draw! But both Pretty Dire. ‘On Both Sides’.

Whoever wins? We lose. Take a lesson from Dumb and Dumber. DO NOT MAKE A SEQUEL UNLESS YOU SORT THE FLAWS! 





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