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Did Donald Trump just Come out on live TV? Did MEL GIBSON Write the SPEECH?

by James Murphy

It Truly is the era of the 1990s Action Hero to Shine Again in Politics..

nb: notice the title is phrased as a QUESTION. Ergo non defamatory. And in any event, there is nothing defamatory about saying someone might be gay or wrote a speech for a totally not gay leader. Glad we cleared that..

..Now..down to business..

In a most moving and VERY VERY BRAVE speech, POTUS declared his willingness to kiss EVERYBODY. Even the MEN. For a big, butch, macho, red hot blooded hetero male like the Donald?

That took BALLS. It was NOT  a coming out speech. He is NOT GAY. But this new display of emotion shows a softer side to the man behind the Office.
Even militia men were moved.

One Trump supporter remarked:

The way he danced to that fokkin’ queer song? Took GUTS, man. Where I am from? That shit’ll get ya killed. But I know POTUS aint gonna be some fag. THE GREATEST PRESIDENT EVER! OF THE GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD! He can marry my cousin ANYTIME. Except I would have to divorce her, first and we aint too keen on ending marriage here..unless someone dies. GOD BLESS THE USA!’.

It was indeed a VERY SENSITIVE speech from Trump. Fused to a new energy, verging on the manic, the born again.

Only ONE MAN could be behind such a speech, save the Donald himself.


Consider the evidence. It’s a CONSPIRACY THEORY!


    • Mel, as Martin Riggs in LETHAL WEAPON, frequently called men ‘beautiful’. And KISSED Leo Getz (Joe Pesci). The Donald also declared his intentions to kiss everyone, beautiful women AND men.
    • Donald is a PATRIOT! He DRAINED THE SWAMP! Mel PLAYED THE Patriot and in said film was ‘the swamp warrior’ in all but name.

    • Gibson and Trump are known for their shared belief in equal rights, enlightened inclusion, reconciliation and calm, clear, civil approaches to debate.

    • The Donald writes to Santa several times a month. Mel just PLAYED Santa onscreen yet is never seen in the same place as said magic Christmas man in real life. Coincidence? Watch FATMAN (that’s a film title btw and not a comment on POTUS’ size: he is in the BEST SHAPE EVER).

  • I could go on. But I won’t.

and yes filed under ‘satire’. Go figure. And FATMAN looks awesome btw: can’t wait! The kind of movie Mel SHOULD have been making YEARS back, alongside his more worthy directorial efforts. That KIND of outlet? Keeps him..sane and out of trouble?!



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