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How to be a Good Voiceover Artist

by James Murphy

Tips for Voiceover Work Excellence!

Have you always wanted to be an actor but have not been lucky in finding a job? You should consider starting out as a voice actor.  Most actors start with full time voice acting jobs at Dormzi or any other platforms, since it helps them get the experience they need later in their careers.

Being a voice actor is not only fun but also quite fulfilling. You should, however, be prepared to start from the ground up. You need to implement the right tips that can help you become a good voice actor. Start with the following.

  • Take classes

Even if you have a unique voice, you need to do a lot of practice to make it in this industry. Taking voice-over classes is therefore recommended since it can help you identify your strong and weak points. Though some beginners in voice acting prefer reading books rather than attending classes, the second option can equip you more and prepare you from a voice acting job.

If you cannot attend any real-life classes that offer voice over lessons in your area, you should consider online vocal training. Such classes can help you engage in voice exercises that can make you a good voice actor. You can even learn proper breathing and how to control your voice or use different tones through such vocal classes.

Some people who are serious about voice acting even attend singing lessons while others look for acting classes. Such classes can also help you pick up many skills, such as learning how to act, hit high notes, or even speak well. Attending different classes can also boost your memory skills and give you the confidence to do voice-overs.

  • Find a voice acting community

For you to succeed as a voice actor, you should not focus on working alone. You should identify a voice acting community that you can be part of. Surrounding yourself with professionals in the voice acting business can prevent you from loneliness. Since most voice actors work from home in their mini studios, it is sometimes important to go out there and interact with fellow voice actors. Since you probably have similar goals as some of the voice actors, interacting with them can help you remain focused.

You can even find people to share some of the challenges you face in your job with. During such interactions, you may get essential tips that can help you solve some obstacles or even get encouragement since you would be interacting with people who are probably facing similar issues.

  • Create quality recordings

Succeeding as a voice actor does not come without putting in the effort. You have to dedicate your time to create quality recordings that can impress a director. It is your quality recordings that can make you different from other voice actors. As you record, you should come up with different types of voice-overs to prove to a director that your voice is flexible. This can help you be considered for different roles. When you have quality recordings, a lot of opportunities may come your way.

  • Think about branding

Take voice acting as a serious business and start marketing your personal brand. Though branding is sometimes challenging, it is crucial to every voice actor. Professionals in this industry market themselves differently. You can start by developing a website that can help you promote your work. Use this platform to show off your talent and put up all the crucial details in the webpages. If you don’t have web creation skills, you can always find an expert willing to help you out at a reasonable cost. Apart from the website, you can also promote your work through a blog.

  • Take care of your mind and body

Voice acting does not only involve your voice. During the early stages of your career, you will spend a lot of time creating new content, auditioning, and forming meaningful connections. You should take care of your overall well-being so that you deliver a great performance during voice-overs. When your body and mind are relaxed, so is your voice. To achieve this, you should consider engaging in different activities such as dancing, yoga, meditation or regular exercises. This can help you relieve any negative emotions such as anxiety or stress that can affect your voice acting performance.



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