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The Technology Behind Live Dealer Online Casinos

by James Murphy

Live dealer online casinos involve a real dealer dealing cards while other players get to compete online. The approach creates confidence because you no longer worry about the computer being manipulated to generate results.

The popularity of this type of casino has skyrocketed over the years, thanks to its transparency. Furthermore, you can play your favorite games online

from the comfort of your home, including online blackjack. 

But have you ever stopped to wonder how live dealer online casinos technology works? How is it that the game makes you feel as if you are in the physical casino? 

To understand this technology, you need to know the various devices used to achieve it. Keep reading to learn more. 

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Game Control Unit (GCU)

The GCU is the most crucial component of the whole live dealer casino setup. The device helps with encoding game information and providing virtual support to the dealer so that he/she can smoothly run the game.

The strength of the Game Control Unit that a casino uses has an overall effect on the gaming experience. You may view this in the same way that you can look at a mobile phone. A smartphone with low specs often hangs as you try to access important sites.

Similarly, if the GCU has low specifications, players tend to struggle with a lagging game and decreased performance. That leaves them frustrated and less invested in the game, even if it has top-notch features and a fun theme. 

Web Cameras

A player can see all the activities happening in the casino due to cameras that are strategically installed to capture footage. These cameras send live streams to the player’s screens, whether mobile, tablet, or PC.

The cameras usually are of high resolution and are connected to a power backup to avoid losing footage due to power outage. The live stream may or may not be recorded as per the terms of the casino. Typically, casinos keep a record of the live gaming session if there is a need to refer to it at any point.


Streaming Software

As the web cameras take a live video, you can see the footage and play according to streaming software. This is the software that you launch from the casino’s website or application installed on your PC. 

Quality of the streaming software is as important as the specifications of the Game Control Unit. If it has bugs, players will often have a hard time executing operations due to slow speeds and lagging software. Also, good streaming software is designed such that it takes less of your computer’s processing power.

Player’s Smartphone or PC

The PC and the smartphone is a requirement of the player. To play at a live dealer online casino, you need any of the mentioned devices. However, the casino you are playing determines the kind of device you can use on their platform. Some are designed to function on just PCs, while other casinos are cross-platform.

As you choose your device, make sure that it meets the minimum requirements for a smooth gaming encounter. Consider its:

  • RAM
  • Memory
  • Processor

As the casino streams the gameplay, your ability to make quick moves also has to do with your gaming device’s efficiency. You may also want to pay attention to its battery capacity. The last thing you want is the smartphone turning off in the middle of a competitive game. 

Dealer’s Monitor(s)

The dealer can have one or a series of monitors to see the players’ screens and their moves. That is essential because it helps him correctly guide them. Additionally, the dealer requires these screens to know whether the player has broken any game rules. Some casinos even have a VR feature, which allows them to stream a volumetric image of the gaming process in a casino.

Live dealer casinos invest in top-quality monitors because they do not want to incur losses due to cheating.

Modern Casino Wheels

As you can imagine, there is a lot of data flowing around the casino. The data is digitally captured and automatically transmitted to players without requiring an OCR. With this digitization, you do not have to strain to observe the results. Instead, the computer directly gives you this information. 


The gambling industry’s current state is a testimony of the sector’s willingness to incorporate the latest technologies to improve operations. Having known how live dealer online casino technology works, you can go ahead and confidently play online blackjack. Use this knowledge to boost your gameplay and strike big wins.


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