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Vicar of Dibley takes that Bow. This Christmas..

by James Murphy

What’s the Problem? Answer. None at all. But..


So it’s Christmas already on Twitter. Every defund BBC, #alllivesmatter et al activist is out in force. Why? Because the Vicar of Dibley will take that bow this Christmas. The one associated with #BLM.

Here is why that is NOT quite the apocalyptic problem some are stating..

  • #BLM did not start as a political party or celebrity hashtag. 
  • Indeed, it came FROM a statement ABOUT all lives mattering, in response to ONE incident. It grew from there, via viral social media.
  • It does not have to end up at Defunding Police. Obama has made that very clear, even if Biden hasn’t.


  • Yes, some politicians/sportspeople/celebz are sharing the hashtag and taking the bow without thought. Thereby demeaning the initial impulse.


  • Yes, it s a BIT scary when mass gatherings fuse together to scream said hashtag without definitive cause. You can take on racists or racist policy. ‘Racism’ by contrast is a nebulous force and you feed it by giving the platform to a perceived growth in its power?


But..There WERE casualties. Of RACE / RACISM. In the last decade. This is a matter of FACT. AND..in any event:

    • VICAR of Dibley. As in a VICAR, yeah? They kneel. A LOT. Kind of IN their job description.
    • Jesus (the whole Christmas founder, remember?) was himself sacrificed TO an hysteria OVER a movement. The assumption that his messianic care was somehow a clear and present danger to Roman rule (it wasn’t, per se). See the parallel: warring factions, Christianity in between?

Trust me. My best mate is one. Looks like Dr Strange. Lovely chap. I digress.

  • Chances are, Geraldine (Dawn French) will CALM fears on the movement, rather than feed hysteria.
  • It will be warm, funny, inclusive. Not divisive. Compassion, faith, helping the downtrodden..Christian mission stuff? Nobody forcing you to take a bow or fly a flag. Switch off if you feel inclined. But be nice.


    • RICHARD CURTIS wrote this sitcom, right? Yes, him. That known violent, Marxist, revolutionary, race war inciting anarchist (um..no he isn’t but..just look at Twitter today and one could be forgiven for thinking he were..just watch his FILMS if you need reassurance to his basic kindness?).

His partner, Emma Freud: niceness and innocence, personified, via fun spiky wit and infectious love of life. Don’t diss them, yeah?

  • Curtis is also FUNNY. This show will be, too! But they have ALWAYS worked in charitable motifs, such as attending to world poverty. This is no different?
  • Sadly, some key cast members died recently. Alice: gone! So so sad. Hence, the Vicar (not a Bishop yet?) will be feeling down. BLM might make her feel better?
  • Don’t defund the BBC. Do reduce its fee, make it free to the over 65s, vulnerable and tier its services into low/middle/gold or something. It is an essential platform, for all its flaws. Lose the flaws, not the service!

Here endeth the lesson. Go in peace 🙂 x


trivia: steven moffat had a cat called Dibley. He loves Curtis that much.


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