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Women on Top? You bet! They practically invented the Movie Biz..

by James Murphy

10 Movies Every Female Entrepreneur Should Watch

Movies are a great source of entertainment, on the other hand, they provide lots of inspiration as well. Often, people learn a lot from movies. Most of the time, we see women play the lead roles, ruling the world while wearing heels and lipsticks in some of the famous movies. So, if you are a female entrepreneur and are looking for ways to spend your weekend and not on something that is not productive, then you are at the right site.

The article below consists of the list, pick the most interesting one according to your taste, grab the popcorn, and begin watching.

The Best Movies for Female Entrepreneurs to Watch


1.      Baby Boom by Charles Shyer (1987)

In the movie, you will see the sudden change in the life of J.C. Wiatt after inheriting a baby. She, as a single-mother for raising the baby, has to step into the male-dominated society. To see the struggles and the achievements of the determined woman despite numerous obstacles.


2.      The Associate by Donald Petrie (1996)

The movie revolves around the life of Laurel Ayres who dreams to become a leading name in the investment banking industry in a male-dominated society. She got passed over as she was female, and then she started her firm as a white man and became successful.


3.      Chocolat by Lasse Hallström (2000)

Chocolat is a motivational story of a single mother who moves to a town and starts her own business to earn a living. The single mother and enthusiast, Vianne Rocher, begins to sell chocolates that are one of a kind. The role of Vianne Rocher is an inspiring one for women planning to start a business or those who are running small businesses as it teaches the importance of time, efforts, perseverance, and uniqueness.


4.      Mostly Martha by Sandra Nettelbeck (2001)

The inspirational story is of the life of a single woman, Martha, an expert cook at a famous German restaurant, Lido. In the movie, she is having a hard time managing her personal life and work life. Amidst all the trouble, a big tragedy was losing her sister in a car accident. After that, she had to look over her niece and manage her work at the same time. All the women who are having a hard time balancing, both their personal and work life must watch this movie. You will discover and relate to lots of personal hindrances that come with your work in the film.


5.      The Devil Wears Prada by David Frankel (2006)

When someone talks about one of the most iconic movies having female lead roles, they never miss “The Devil Wears Prada” out. The movie is true-story based with Miranda Priestly as the queen of the publication world with a lot on the plate. She is an editor-in-chief of a famous fashion magazine. She deals with everything on her own while staying up with her style and grace throughout the movie.


6.      The Bookshop by Isabel Coixet (2007)

It is a novel-based movie that revolves around the life of Florence Green after the death of her husband. She opens a bookshop of her own and receives a lot of hate. The movie teaches how to turn all the hate into love through your actions and tactics as a young and single woman in society.


7.      Julie and Julia by Nora Ephron (2009)

The movie is a must-watch for all women entrepreneurs. It revolves around the lives of Julia Child and Julie Powell. The movie is a real-life based story of two popular culinary artists. The plot of the movie is that Julie looks forward to cooking around 524 recipes that were written in the book “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” by Julia Child.


The story revolves around how they strived hard to fulfill their passion despite having no direction. Ultimately, they became leading names of the industry, especially as women. The film clearly shows the emotional traumas, obstacles, and hindrances females go through to stand out from the crowd and become a big name in the world.


8.      Coco Before Chanel by Anne Fontaine (2009)

The movie is all about how an orphan girl, Coco Gabrielle Chanel, makes her way through all the troubles of life and adds revolution to the fashion industry for women as she opens up a revolutionary house of Chanel.


9.      Joy by David O. Russell (2015)

Joy is a one-woman based story that shows a real-life heroine with her empire at the end. In the movie, the heroine, who is a single mother, goes from rags to riches due to her immense efforts, skills, and passion despite all the odds in her way. Eventually, she became a famous name in the business industry of America. So, if you are a growing entrepreneur with a vision and have no hope of achieving it because of your circumstances, then you must take some time out to watch this inspirational one-woman movie. Know that even if all you have is a folding desk and chair right now, you will make your way through.


10. The Intern by Nancy Meyers (2015)

The movie is a great watch for all the young ladies running businesses on their own. The Intern is about Jules Ostin who is the CEO of an online fashion startup, About the Fit. The film consists of how Jules Ostin, like a boss lady, thrived to make her business, which started from a kitchen to a hugely successful business, consisting of over two hundred employees under her.



Among numerous action, adventurous, funny, and horror movies, there are some movies that you, as a female entrepreneur, must watch. The list above consists of those must-watch movies for you as a growing business lady who wishes to leave a mark in this world.



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