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Hela from Thor: Everything you need to Know!

by James Murphy

Why was Hela Imprisoned by Odin?


A relationship between a father and his daughter can be quite complex, especially when the latter hits puberty. If that is true for regular people, imagine how a goddess of the dead, bent on the infinite power, turns into a problem for her father when she hits puberty! Okay, technically, this did not happen between Odin and his daughter Hela, but the relationship was still a very complex one and it resulted in Odin sealing his daughter away. How would’ve thought…

In today’s article, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about the relationship between Odin and his daughter Hela. More precisely, we are going to talk about why Odin sealed Hela away, how he did it, and for how long she was kept in her prison. We’ve prepared a lot of interesting facts for you so stick with us until the very end!

Why was Hela imprisoned by Odin?

As we all know very well, during the early days of Asgard, even before Thor or any of the Avengers were born, Odin and Hela fought against the other realms to establish peace. The peace was brutal and bloody, but Odin later boasted it as it brought serenity to the nine realms. The two of them, father and daughter, were a successful duo that managed to defeat any enemy that came before them, and with that, they became more and more powerful.

At one point, Odin ceased his conquering. Establishing peace was enough for him and he was not a god that lusted for power. Hela, on the other hand, craved for more. The taste of a bloody victory is something that she loved and when Odin decided to stop his conquests, she wanted more. She wanted to rule over more than the Nine Realms and she wanted to dethrone her father.

At one point, Hela launched an attack against Odin, who had become a peace-time king by then. After slaying many Asgardians, she eventually fought Odin and lost, as the All-Father was too powerful for her, despite all her might. Unable to kill her – as she was his daughter – Odin banished her to Hel and made her ruler over the dead. She was then written out of Asgard’s history and completely replaced by Thor and Loki, Odin’s other children on the royal murals. But that was not the end of it.

How was Hela imprisoned?

Sometime later, as her power grew, even more, Hela tried to escape from Hel once more and to kill her father. Odin sent the elite Valkyries after her, but Hela slew them one by one, save for their leader. While she was distracted with fighting the Valkyries, Odin used a very strong godly spell on her, re-imprisoning her in Hel once more, this time without the possibility of escape. At least for a while.

So, as we see in Thor: Ragnarok, Hela was imprisoned thanks to a distraction. Sure, we cannot state that Odin actually sacrificed the Valkyries, as he was pretty sure that they would be enough to stop his daughter, but when that did not happen, he took advantage of the situation, and while she was distracted, he cast a very powerful spell that bound her imprisonment with his life and since he was sure he would live for a very long time after that, he was in a very good position.

How long was Hela imprisoned for?

As for the duration of Hela’s imprisonment, the movie never revealed the exact numbers, but we do have some estimates. We know that Odin used his life force as a seal for Hela’s infernal prison. Since Odin lived for thousands of years – thanks to the regenerative effects of Odinsleep – he was quite safe for a while; in fact, he did such a good job that neither Thor nor Loki ever knew of Hela and the danger she posed.

But things changed. At one point, Loki banished his father from Asgard and the mighty Odin live in a retirement home in New York City. Loki’s spell was eventually broken but Odin chose to spend the rest of his life in exile.

Namely, when Odin was away from Asgard and unable to undergo Odinsleep, his life force grew weaker and weaker. The All-Father aged normally and he practically became a mortal in a way. In the meantime, his sons searched for him but when they finally found him, Odin was just moments away from his death.

Before dying, he told them about Hela and warned them of the danger she poses. When he died, the seal that imprisoned Hela was broken and she was finally free, appearing before her brothers and demanding complete submission from them.

We know that Thor and Loki fought Hela then and there, but when she destroyed Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir, the fight was practically over and we all know what happened next. So, Hela was imprisoned for thousands of years; Thor and Loki are roughly 1,000 years old and they had no idea about Hela, as her fights with Odin happened long before their birth. Exactly how many thousands it lasted, we don’t know, but it was quite a long time.

And this concludes our story for the day. We’ve told you everything you need to know about Hela’s relationship with Odin and her imprisonment. You now know that Hela’s lust for power was the reason why Odin imprisoned her and you know that he used a very powerful spell to do it, as she was so powerful that even the All-Father had to give it his best.

Finally, you found out that her imprisonment lasted as long as Odin lived, which is why she was finally free when he passed away. And that’s it, that’s the whole story. Be sure to follow us for more of the same!


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