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5 of The Most Rewatchable Movies 

by James Murphy

Sometimes the only thing we can do is to relax. In this case, we can go for a walk, play at https://nationalcasino.com/, or read books. What’s more, you can watch a movie. Here are 5 films that are great to be rewatched.

Inside Llewyn Davis, 2013 

Llewyn Davis is a performer who lives in New York City. He certainly can’t boast of success. Right now, he’s having to cope with a rough patch, barely making ends meet. He is so poor that he has to sleep anywhere.


He has devoted his life to music, and he can do whatever it takes for it. He’s nothing like other musicians who want to make more money. He just wants people to like his music. Will he be able to succeed and make sense of himself?

The Master, 2012

A demobilized sailor with a mysterious past can’t find his place in America, which is recovering from the war. He goes from one job to another, and then accidentally meets a charming religious cult organizer, a popular writer and philosopher. Incredibly, he makes the rather aggressive marginalist his closest assistant.

As time goes on, the new faith becomes more and more popular, and the sailor becomes interested in what he himself believes. He wants to know who his mentor really is. Except some secrets are better left unsaid.

Upstream Color, 2013

The story tells you about a complicated relationship between a man and a woman. They are lost in this life and trying to find a way out of a difficult situation. Chris’s life became a living hell after she became a victim of a biological experiment. Soon, fate bumps into her and her boyfriend Jeff, who is also absolutely miserable.


The guys had to go through a lot of hard things, so they are both in a very sad state. After a while, they begin to realize that they are attracted to each other, and more emotionally than physically. Will these people be able to get a fresh start in life after all they’ve been through?

Let It Snow, 2019

Events unfold on Christmas Eve in a small town. The locals are actively preparing for the holiday and wondering how they would like to spend the next night. Their good mood quickly deteriorates as the weather leaves much to be desired. Suddenly, a real blizzard begins, paralyzing everything: it is impossible to drive on the roads, there is no light in the stores, and people are locked in their houses.


A schoolgirl gets off the express train and plans to walk to the nearest diner, as she really wants to eat waffles. She could not have imagined that her action would trigger a series of events that would affect the lives of many people.

Heidi, 2015

At a very young age, Heidi’s mother died. Her aunt took care of her upbringing as a result. A few years later, the woman received a good job offer that required her to move to Stockholm. Of course, she couldn’t just let such an opportunity pass her by, so she accepted.


She left her niece for her grandfather, who lived in a small village somewhere in the Alps. He had quarreled with all his relatives in his time, and he did not want to maintain contact with them to this day. Of course, he is not happy with his little granddaughter, but now they have to get along together. Heidi liked the new place very much, and the grandfather himself began to treat her very well.


Finally the girl felt happy. Except that unexpectedly her aunt comes back and plans to take the heroine to Frankfurt, where she will have to live in a rich family with strict rules.



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