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A Look into the Life of Selling Sunset Star Maya Vander

by James Murphy


Selling Sunset star Maya Vander revealed all kinds of fascinating details in an exclusive interview that she gave to Top10casinos.com.


The Rise of Maya Vander and Selling Sunset


For people all over the globe, Netflix has been a vital source of entertainment during wave upon wave of COVID-19 lockdowns. And it’s not just drama or comedy that viewers have watched, with lifestyle shows like Selling Sunset building cult followings. That much is clear from an interview that Selling Sunset star Maya Vander gave to Top10casinos.com.

The Oppenheim Group

Selling Sunset debuted in March 2019 on Netflix to provide viewers with their fix of beautiful people who act as realtors to the rich people of Los Angeles. As of the third season, Selling Sunset maintains an exclusive focus on the realtors of The Oppenheim Group and remains watchable on Netflix. After three successful seasons, The Oppenheim Group is known across the world now.

Before becoming The Oppenheim Group, the business began as The Stern Realty Co., as named by founder Jacob Stern in 1889. Jason Oppenheim is the current president of the business and is credited with its re-founding. Jason oversees the West Hollywood division of the group, while brother Brett Oppenheim is a senior vice-president and rumoured to be thinking of launching his own realty firm.


Maya Vander Interviewed by Top10casinos.com

While Jason has his name in the business, Maya Vander is arguably the most famous, having featured in an interview Top 10 Casinos.  Maya Vander had a lot to say about working in the business and her personal life. Of course, she had to hold back on some of the more sensitive details in the interest of privacy.

Despite being doubted by Chrissy Teigen and other celebrities, Vander is adamant that Selling Sunset is genuine. While the credentials of the female employees of The Oppenheim Group have been questioned, this has led to stars such as Chrishell Stause providing photographic evidence of her real estate licence.

When speaking to Top 10 Casinos, Vander explained that the show is unscripted and that the stars merely repeat a comment or revisit a topic of discussion for the benefit of the production team and the viewers. Vander also revealed that filming takes place four days a week for a typical season and that up to 10 hours of production can be required in a single day.


A Brief History of Maya Vander


While fame is an integral part of her job, Vander has remained grounded by maintaining he secrecy of her husband’s identity. However, what we do know of Vander is that the mother-of-two endured two heart-breaking miscarriages before becoming pregnant. This led to the birth of a son called Aiden in April 2019 and a daughter named Elle Madison in May 2020.

After growing up in Israel, the glamorous Maya Vander moved to LA in 2002. Although famed for working in LA’s realty market, Vander also finds time to work in Miami, where she is contracted by a firm called Douglas Elliman Real Estate. According to her LinkedIn profile, Vander has also established the Maya Vander Group late in 2020, which could suggest that she’s seeking to further her own enterprise in the near future.

When speaking to Top 10 Casinos, Vander didn’t deny her intention when questioned on the topic. When asked, hypothetically, whom she would hire from the show to work in her own enterprise, Vander specifically named Davina. Vander highlighted Davina’s experience and intelligence as positive qualities, but also praised Chrishell as a newer realtor to the industry.</p>


Gossip from the Show


When discussing Chrishell’s divorce, Vander admitted that the ordeal was terrible for her friend and colleague. Despite Mary and Amanza being portrayed as the most supportive, Vander explains that she and others were also supportive of Chrishell. Vander revealed that Chrishell has now found a new man and isn’t afraid to share workout videos of the pair on Instagram.


She also commented on Christine Quinn’s allegation that Vander is the biggest gossiper on Selling Sunset. However, Vander explained that she’s merely there to ask difficult questions as part of her job and that she doesn’t willingly want to be involved in drama. Ultimately, Vander wants to avoid fights and sell expensive homes without drawing the spotlight for negative attention.

Vander addressed the topic of Christine by agreeing that the realtor has a no-nonsense attitude. Describing Christine as “impulsive”, Vander believes that she is focused on PR and isn’t afraid of throwing her colleagues “under the bus”. However, the 31-year-old is likely to be distracted now that she is pregnant with husband Christian Richard, which was revealed in February 2021.

Dealing with Celebrity Clients

The Oppenheim Group was reported in The Washington Post as securing the listing for Orlando Bloom’s former bachelor pad, which is redundant now that the star has fathered a daughter with pop star Katy Perry. According to the Post, Bloom’s stunning LA home will be listed for $9 million in the local real estate market.

When interviewed, Vander was asked of the most famous celebrity she has ever sold a house to. Ultimately, it turned out to be Chris “Ludacris” Bridges, a rapper who has also appeared in a few movies. According to Vander, the hip hop star was completely normal and showed up without an entourage. Ludacris viewed a view houses along with his girlfriend and Vander ended up finding a suitable option to meet his interests.

Unfortunately, Vander didn’t get to sell a house to Jennifer Lopez, who merely attended a couple of viewings. Vander is adamant that J.LO was “nice and polite” and that the realtor felt star-struck by the iconic performer. Despite working in the high end of LA’s realty market, Vander says that she doesn’t work with too many celebrities.

While some stars court controversy? Maya Vander and the gorgeous realtors of Selling Sunset continue to generate high viewing figures for portraying a glamorous lifestyle. Despite the disruption of Coronavirus, it’s widely rumoured that a fourth season of the show will premiere on Netflix in 2021.


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