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Love Between Technology And Sound – The Way Of Today

by James Murphy


Modern-day technology has completely transformed how things are perceived. Your soul needs nurturing and music can do a good job at it. The best part is that, unlike in the years of yore, you now have modern music tech that has enabled artists to become the best at what they do. Never has it been witnessed before as in this day and age where a single piece of equipment can be used to produce great sounds. You’ll get to listen to different frequencies that will help to feed your soul as well as help to relax your mind, and all from the same equipment.


For the longest time, music has been used as both a teacher and an entertainer. But it’s the sounds that make it relevant and lively. It’s for this reason that you have sound engineers to make things more interesting. Without such people and equipment, there would only be stale and boring sounds. Let’s not beat around the bush. Here’s what you need to know about the love between technology and sound in these modern times.


It’s All About The Equipment Used


There are so many reasons why people use sound equipment during events. Now, quality sound cannot be overstated when you have an event or have people that need entertainment. The sound quality from cheaper equipment will only ruin the atmosphere and you will not expect to have people entertained. Additionally, there will be hiccups that will cause distractions and this is not what you want if you are holding an important occasion.


If you have been paying attention to the broadcast and film industry, then you must have noticed that they have sound systems that are of top-notch quality. The same will apply when you require the best sound systems. You need to have an ear for detail as this is the first step towards ensuring that you have the best sound equipment in your event.


There is event equipment for hire that will provide you with the best sound systems as well as companies that will help you with the arrangement part of it. They’ll go a step further and offer you creative ideas on how to make your event the talk of the town in terms of streaming your event live on social media or other broadcast media. Below are factors to consider when choosing sound solutions for your event:


  • Cost – You need to hire sound companies that offer the right prices and companies that will be willing to throw in some freebies. Consider companies that will at the end of the day, offer you a discounted rate. Also, don’t forget to check for hidden costs. These might accumulate and break your account
  • The tech used – When hiring a sound company, ensure that they are using the latest technology in sound systems. This might help to improve the atmosphere in your event or whatever else you are holding.
  • Timelines – The company in question must observe time if they are coming to your event. They should bring and set up their equipment in good time to avoid inconveniences
  • Efficiency – As earlier mentioned, the equipment used can greatly help to avert any mishaps. Ensure to hire a sound company that is efficient in terms of the equipment used and their workmanship
  • Ensure to check for credentials – Most sound companies work without the proper paperwork. Now, you want a company that is licensed and one that has a good track record
  • They must be insured – There are good reasons to ensure that you work with an insured company. You don’t want a catastrophe to be the reason you are getting a lawsuit or an unforeseeable eventuality the reason you’ll have sleepless nights
  • They should offer additional services – Customer care is always a welcomed gift, especially whenever you have complaints. It’s at this time that you’ll want your queries solved promptly. Hire a sound company that offers 24/7 customer care services


The Evolution Of Sound Technology


The world war has helped shape world history but little is known of the musicians who gave the soldiers the courage to press on. The role of the media in both world wars cannot be underestimated. Back in the day, it was jazz, soul, country music, and blues. These were the sounds that made a huge difference to the history we read today. Sound in entertainment has been a huge part of our evolution.


Whether we are talking of the film industry, the music industry, or the entertainment as a whole, you need sound to make things happen. This is the crème de la crème of the entertainment industry. The evolution of sound has for the past decade been a slow one. It’s not until the 20th century that things took a turn for the best. Thanks to modern sound engineering, you now have sound devices that are Bluetooth activated. Let’s take a look at the history of sound inventions:


  • 1877 – Thomas Edison’s phonograph
  • 1886 – Alexander Grahams graphophone
  • 1887 – Emilie Berliner’s gramophone
  • 1965 – Dolby Ray’s noise reduction system


As you can see, it’s been a trend of great inventions ever since when. Mankind has been in the pursuit of the best sounds and this has led to the creation of modern-day sound equipment that is of the best quality. Only time will tell of the many other inventions we can expect soon.


How Sound Technology Has Revolutionized The Movie Industry


Unlike in the years past when you could only rely on a single speaker that was not as clear, you now have stereo sound systems that are being used in cinemas to enhance the cinematic experience. We are talking about surround sound systems that make things sound real. The realistic experiences provide viewers with one of a kind movie experience. You also have audio devices that when worn, can make you feel immersed in the music or the movie. Additionally, the control and features included in some of these sound equipment are to die for.


The Future Of Sound Technology


Things have changed and you cannot expect them to go back to the way they used to. Let’s face it, advancements in technology have changed the way we live. This goes to show that in years to come, things will be different and this applies to sound technology as well. The music industry has benefited greatly from such improvements and it’s the reason why you can appreciate crisp sounds in modern music. It’s all from the recording processes to the distribution mediums used.


The future looks even brighter when it comes to sound technology. The next-generation sound systems will most probably include wireless speakers, Bluetooth connectivity, hearing aids for those with hearing problems, easier mobile phone connectivity sound operations, and 4D sound systems. Most of the aforementioned have or are in the pipeline.


The Impact Of Modern-Day Sound Technology On The Entertainment Industry



The entertainment industry has greatly benefited from the improvements in sound systems. As earlier mentioned, you have all these techs that help to improve sound clarity, and having such tech in your home can help to improve your comfort levels. Every day, people are adopting this new tech and the best part is that you’ll not have to worry about accessibility as you can buy your tech both online and in offline stores. Let’s now take a look at the impacts of modern technology on the entertainment industry:



  • Increased revenue – With better sound quality, the music industry is now able to stream better sound quality and this has helped to increase the audience base. The more subscribers or likes the music gets, the more money the artist will get.
  • Better sound quality – Advancements in technology have made it possible for fans to enjoy entertainment that’s of the best quality. Whether its music or a movie, there are developments that have been made to ensure that you have crisp and clear sounds from your entertainment mediums
  • Convenience – Whether you are a musician, a producer, or a movie director, you have sound effects that can greatly help to improve your production. You have the liberty to use these sound effects as they are readily available and at your disposal


The Uses Of Modern-Day Sound Technology


Sound has been the key feature in movie and music production. To sum it up, it’s the Holy Grail in the entertainment industry. This is a broad topic and one that might require an additional article to fully exhaust. But to fully understand sound, there’s a great need to dive deeper into how modern-day sound technology is being utilized. Here’s how:


  • Music – Imagine listening to music with poor audio qualities? Or a movie that doesn’t have music breaks? These are but some of the ways great sound has helped to improve the entertainment industry
  • Dialogues – When using your phone, you expect to have a dialogue with the other party. Mobile phone companies have honed on this one aspect and are doing their best to improve phone conversation by improving the sound systems on each particular phone
  • Sound effects – If you’ve been to a party, then it’s most likely that you’ve been mesmerized by the sound effects from the DJ’s turntable. These are sounds that will also play a huge role in music and video productions
  • Noise reduction – The same technology that is being used to create all these different sounds is the same tech that’s being used in noise reduction. You have specialists who’ll help to ensure that your home is soundproofed. This means that whatever noise is generated outdoors cannot penetrate your rooms or whatever noise is generated indoors cannot leave your house


Trends In Sound Technology


The reliance on audio and sound technology has remained high and will continue to rise, especially due to recent trends. Surprisingly, this has been attributed mainly due to in-home use because most people are indoors as a result of the coronavirus. Having the right sound equipment at such a time can help boost your comfort levels. The work-from-home moms and dads will appreciate some great music as they go about their daily activities. You also have kids who are home using online tutorials and online education channels, and they use sound to get in touch with the other parties.



While all the above facts are true, some trends have made quite a huge impact in ensuring that these facts are possible and achievable. As we approach the end of the year, we can expect that new inventions will continue to pop up. We are talking about streaming live music, listening to podcasts, surround music systems, auto infotainment systems, and marketing audio campaigns to mention but a few.


What You Need To Know About Sound Pollution


With every new technology comes effects that can either have an impact on the environment or you. As you might be aware, sound needs to be controlled. You don’t want your neighbors complaining about your stereo system or have the eco-guys knocking at your door. Noise pollution has been cited as one of the many things that can cause devastating effects on human health. According to recent research, noise pollution has become a health crisis that not only affects humans but animals and other living organisms.


It will be of great importance to invest in sound systems that do not cause harm to the ecosystem. This means having control over your sound equipment. While in the same vein, you might consider soundproofing your home, being creative with your home’s layout, or dedicating a quiet space in your home.


For your love of sound, the above pointers will help to direct your interests in the right place. Entertainment has always been a part of life and great sound has helped to ensure this. It’s not only motivating but it’s a way to relax and if you are working with a sound company, check for reviews to know what other users are saying about them. Al in all, it’s your day and your happiness that matters the most. So, be sure to get value for money whenever making such transactions.




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