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Scott Pilgrim vs The World: a Financial Failure Every Student Should Watch

by James Murphy

Boy meets girl. The girl has seven evil exes. The boy has to defeat all of them to get the girl. This is what Scott Pilgrim vs the World is about, in a nutshell.


But wait! This plot description doesn’t do the movie justice. By the end of this post, you’ll tell yourself, “I’ll have someone rewrite my essay if I have to in order to find time for watching it”.


As much of a flop at the box office as it was, Scott Pilgrim vs the World had all chances to remain obscure. But it didn’t. Instead, it became a cult classic and gained a substantial following. So what if it didn’t reach its $85 million budget back in 2010?


Why exactly did it win over fans’ hearts? There are five reasons for that – which are also the reasons why every student should add this movie to their to-watch list:


  1. One-of-a-kind visual style;
  2. The fast-paced plot that’ll keep you glued to the screen;
  3. Mashup of genres: there’s action, comedy, romance, rock, all in one;
  4. Plenty of video game references and easter eggs for the geek in you;
  5. A powerful message about relationships underneath all of it.


Let’s break them down.



1. Awesome Visual Style

Trust this: there’s a very, very slim chance you’ve already seen anything like Scott Pilgrim vs the World. If you had to boil its style down to key main components, it’s best described as:


  • part comic book come to life,
  • part video game (Street Fighter meets Super Mario Bros or Legend of Zelda meets Mortal Kombat),
  • part rock musical.


It’s one of those rare movies that are fresh to the eye. If you had to explain what it’s like, you’d probably be at a loss for analogies: there’s no movie quite like Scott Pilgrim.

2. Plot Keeps Thickening

Are you one of those people who can’t help themselves and get on their smartphone during a boring movie? (No judgment here.) If you watch Scott Pilgrim, it won’t be a problem: you won’t be able to tear your eyes away from the screen.


That’s because there are no long establishing shots or sequences that drag out. Every single plot development is fast-paced, so you’ll have no choice but to give the movie your full and undivided attention.


You won’t regret it – if anything, Scott Pilgrim is nothing but entertaining. It’ll have you say, “What a ride!” by the moment credits start rolling, that’s a guarantee.

3. Prepare to Laugh Out Loud

It wouldn’t be an Edgar Wright’s movie if it weren’t hilarious. And if you’re under 25, this kind of humor will likely hit the spot for you. It’s going to make you giggle, shake your head in disbelief, and probably even burst out laughing multiple times.


The movie is also full of comedic one-liners that might go unnoticed when you watch it for the first time. That’s what makes it great for re-watching, too!

4. References & Easter Eggs

If you were brought up playing video games, you’ll be over the moon with all the nods to the iconic games of the 1990s and 2000s.


Of course, the visual style itself alone is one big reference to video games, but it’s not the only one. Some of the sound effects will instantly throw you back to the times you were playing Legend of Zelda.


And the beauty of Scott Pilgrim is, its every detail is meticulously crafted. So, there are a ton of easter eggs and references. Will you be able to spot all of them?

5. Rock Soundtrack

If you’re a fan of rock, this movie is full of it, which should put it higher on your priority list. After all, the title character, Scott, plays in a rock band. So, music is an integral part of the movie’s vibe.


In a way, Scott Pilgrim is a rock musical. Except, as the director put it himself, instead of dancing, there are fight sequences.


Fun trivia: songs for each band in a movie were composed by different people. That way, each fictional band had its own distinct sound and vibe for their music. Oh, and the actors actually learned to play their instruments – and they sing their parts, too.

6. Movie’s Key Takeaway: Relationships Are Messy

Despite – or even thanks to – all of its entertaining aspects, Scott Pilgrim actually manages to leave the viewers with a profound message. That message is, of course, about relationships. (Don’t worry: the next part is spoiler-free.)


Because, after all, who doesn’t have baggage? Of course, not in the form of a whole league of evil exes, but still. Every person has a past, including when it comes to romance and relationships. 


And baggage isn’t the only thing that makes a mess out of everything: maturity (or lack of thereof) plays its role, too.


The movie manages to get those messages across without overburdening the plot with drama. 


So, you’re likely to finish this movie thinking to yourself, “It looks like I’ve learned something”. Much like Scott himself.


In Conclusion

Yes, Scott Pilgrim vs the World didn’t manage to break even during its initial release. And yes, it’s a classic you should watch if you’re a student. 


True, none of the main characters are involved in any college or university activities on screen per se. But their journey will hit close to home for every twentysomething, and the movie itself is truly one hell of an entertaining ride.


06 December 2022

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