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How Much Would it Cost to Purchase Famous Movie/TV Show Houses Today?

by James Murphy



We all recognize our favorite films and TV houses as soon as they appear on the screen. Anyone who has ever been on a set and been lucky enough to walk around a famous TV or film house immediately feels like they are right there in the show. But one thing that is often noticed is how many screen homes seem ridiculously big and expensive for what we know about the characters who live in them. While there are sometimes clues, viewers are often left guessing about how the characters can afford them.


To see how much real estate money our favorite characters were sitting on, this is a guide to the market value of some of the most famous TV and movie homes.

1. Monica’s Apartment from Friends


There has long been an interesting fan debate about how exactly the six friends from the show were able to afford such huge apartments as anyone who has ever lived in New York knows just how expensive rent is. Well, the answer came in the last episode of the series, when Chandler explains, “Thanks to rent control it was a freaking steal!” But how much would Monica’s apartment be worth today? According to New York real estate experts, the monthly rent on an apartment that size in that neighborhood would be somewhere between $7-8,000 a month, while to purchase the home would be in the region of $2,000,000!

2. Kevin’s House from Home Alone

Another screen home that has caused massive speculation on the Internet. The McCallister’s house in Home Alone was enormous, and there were other signs of the family’s wealth throughout the movies which made fans question what exactly Kevin’s father did for a living. There is even one theory that claims he was a Chicago mobster, but no mention of his job is ever made in the movies. We actually know exactly what the house is worth because it was sold for $1.585 in 2018. Mobster or not, Kevin’s father was clearly a very successful man, albeit a rather forgetful parent.

3. The Simpson House

Possibly the most famous screen home of them all, the Simpson house, and particularly their living room, is instantly recognizable. Everyone knows that Homer inexplicably had an important (and presumably well paying) job at the nuclear power plant but even so there is no doubt the family had a beautiful home. In one famous episode, one character Frank Grimes is blown away by the Simpson home and even more so by Homer not even noticing how nice it is. Being a purely fictional home, it is difficult to put a realistic value on the Simpson house, but one real estate company said they would expect to fetch around $289,000, based on the four bedrooms, two bathrooms, secret sauna, spacious garage, and generous garden.




There are some truly iconic homes both in TV and film which hold a special place in our hearts. While it is impossible to truly know how much they would be worth, it is fun to imagine having the opportunity to buy one. It would be even more fun, of course, if we could share the home with our favorite characters from TV and movies!


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