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How to Become a Movie Transcriptionist

by James Murphy




One of the most important skills related to being a good transcriptionist is the highest level of literacy and unique auditory skills. As a rule, your work will involve transcribing things that you hear in a movie as much accurately as possible, yet it also includes decrypting the use of colloquialisms that may be implemented by various speakers. At the same time, as you would have to type fast, you would also require sufficient knowledge in terms of good punctuation and style that would reflect the words of each speaker. In other words, the trick is to record the dialogue in a movie exactly the way it has happened. It is what makes being a good movie transcriptionist a difficult task.


The Guide On How to Become a Movie Transcriptionist


  • Learn About Each Project In Advance.


The secret trick that every professional movie transcriptionist knows is exploring the project in advance by getting prepared before the work starts. It includes the study of the grammar part, the subject, tone of the speakers, style, speed, and the various auditory aspects. It also involves work with professional translators and technical specialists if the movie requires specific terminology like legislation or healthcare. The more prepared you become for each job or a project that you take, the better your transcription will be.


  • Being Able to Explore & Work Fast.


One of the most important aspects of becoming a movie transcriptionists is being able to type fast and handle speedy scenes without frustration and confusion. Next, one should always implement research to put the phrases and words in the correct context. It also helps to place the punctuation correctly and helps actors to make relevant pauses. The same relates to the creation of subtitles and other media types. Of course, if something is unclear in a foreign movie, it is necessary to approach professional language translation services to ensure that you transcribe things correctly. It can always take time to correct and adjust, which is why keeping within your specified schedule is crucial!


  • Additional Language Skills.


If you have additional linguistic skills or experience in editing various languages, you will succeed as a movie transcriptionist. It will become necessary when you are working with foreign content where your transcription won’t match with what you see on the screen. As a rule, the phrases and certain expressions will differ in terms of length from language to language, which is why understanding the grammar and style of a foreign language will be essential. The trick is to learn various timings and take time to learn how to work in demanding conditions. It is something, which can be trained with any productivity or time tracker apps.


  • Presence of Technical Language Certificates.


If you have any additional technical language certificates or prior editing experience, it will always prove helpful when you are translating specific content. Transcribing always goes beyond basic language skills! As a professional movie transcriptor, you may also have to deal with technical manuals or instructions. It may also include various business aspects where you may be invited as an expert. For example, here are 6 key benefits to use transcription for your business, which sets a good example of how broad this kind of work may be. Working in the film industry, you will also require working off audio content as well or put together different parts to fit within the movie. Since you will approach different circumstances, being able to handle various technical tasks is a great benefit!

The Cultural Aspect



One should remember the cultural aspect, which means that you have to know what the movie is about and explore all the jokes and content-specific parts. As a rule, it requires watching the content and talking to experts when such need occurs. It is also a part of the transcriptionist’s work as it is often necessary to leave notes for the voice actors or anyone involved in the dubbing process.




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