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Oi! Be Nice to Indiana Jones. And Respect the Film-making Team.

by James Murphy

We all like to vent on social media. I know! And each of us wishes to be a critic, recognised online via blogs and YouTube podcasts, debating with directors and stars. 



Fine! But DON’T judge a movie before it has been released. And there is no need to be abusive or even provocative, frankly. Show some due deference and respect both in real and virtual spaces. 

Here’s why, via reference to INDIANA JONES..


  • Director, James Mangold, is a thoroughly nice bloke. Not prone to petulant outburst or counter attack on trolls.
  • IF he answers your tweet/question? Then James is being either pastoral /caring /constructive (as Mr Mangold was with me once on Twitter: lovely exchange btw: thanks!).
  • OR: He’s responding. Because you disrespected his craft and those whom Mangold is entrusted with protecting on a film set.
  • Be nice to James Mangold! I think he’s earned it, frankly? 
  • THINK before you post. For ONE SECOND, even.


  • Star, Harrison Ford is an inspirational example. The man is 78. It SHOULD make us all feel rather good to see him return to portray a character whose debut onscreen was 40 years ago.
  • As in: there IS life, hope and a vital challenge for us all, somewhere, at any stage or age. It’s not about playing younger.
  • Ford fights for good material, because he knows how bad and lazy things become if a pro drops the ball.

  • And in any event? Dr Jones’ appeal was never based on youth. That character was always edgy, grumpy, weary but cool and charismatic. He will be again, in part 5. Thanks largely to Harrison Ford.
  • So, if you do see him in person, try not to overcrowd or follow him! Be courteous and respectful and do not give him Covid 19 ffs. 
  • THIRTY. MILE. BIKE RIDE. There are men in their 20s and 40s who cannot do that. Harrison is doing it after he films each day. Impressive!
  • And to think: Mr Ford tried giving up action back in 1994 (‘save the postage stamp on the script’). 

Moving along to other personnel on Team Indy 5..(and yes, they too have come in for ‘fan’ ire online..)

  • Kathy Kennedy is adorable. Yes. She is. Did she micromanage Star Wars? Ok, maybe. ONE blot on a FORTY YEAR copybook. She’s powerful, visionary and rather lovely. Just ask Frank Marshall.


  • Steven Spielberg genuinely wanted to direct Indy 5. He dropped out because he was busied on West Side Story. He also knew Nazis might be the baddies in the new Dr Jones adventure as they make sense as best nemeses.
  • But Steven has made clear that post Schindler’s List, his portraying Nazis as cartoon level nasties is impossible. Even for an Indy adventure!
  • In any event, Spielberg only made the first 3 sequels as a favour to George Lucas! Getting him to make part 5 was a long shot, at best. 
  • Spielberg is a hands on producer though, just as he is on Jurassic world: Dominion. He aint’ signing off on anything substandard. Chill!


Fair comment is..well.. fair.

Satire : cool.

Posting a leaked, unpoliced photo is just about ok.

Expressing critical concern = also a legit part of the game.

I myself have been very clear on casting the film: (I think it lacks imagination? Too obvious with Ms Waller Bridge, Mads, Toby Jones et al? NO reflection on them as good craftspeople and decent folk or the movie btw. Just saying it’s a tad safe / predictable).

Controversy can be cool, too. But trick is to do it nicely. Bit of class. I PREFER THE WOLVERINE TO LOGAN. There! Said it, Sorry, Mr Mangold! 🙂 

Also: STOP PRESENTING SUPPOSITION AS FACT and DON’T release actual ‘spoilers’ without multiple warnings /disclaimers.

PLEASE: No more ‘Indy uncovers a dimension jumping Nazi device that ages him up in the 1940s to look like he is 70..so he goes to meet young Marion Waller Bridge for help..so says an unnamed source’ (etc). Obviously, if that IS the plot then..um..shut up..

ARE WE CLEAR? Good. NOW we can all discuss INDIANA JONES AND THE OPAL OF THE MER MAN’S EYE.. (actual title..yep) 😉

Filming is into the second week. A great boost to the UK film industry and associated economies: Thanks! Best of luck to all involved.

Indiana ‘James’ on the case..




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