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Harrison Ford Injured. Get well soon, Sir. But also: all in a day’s work for Indiana Jones, right?

by James Murphy

It’s all over the news..as though it is in fact, news. Except, it isn’t.

Harrison did his shoulder in while rehearsing a punch on the new Indiana Jones picture. So what?



Now, whilst I hope he recovers soon (he will) and it is never nice to be injured? I do fear the sharing of this non story as a story is symptomatic of where film news an criticism are ‘at’ now. 

Consider the following points:

  • HARRISON FORD INJURED immediately gets you reading, right? It certainly hooked me. One has immediate fears of his new film being shut down, of the man showing us his vulnerability and even mortality.
  • Heck, we all had him dead and buried after his supremely skilled emergency plane landings. Those were not ‘crashes’. And he emerged, alive and bounced back.
  • Equally, in this case, it is a run of the mill shoulder pull not some death defying brush with the almighty.
  • Unless, of course,. and until we hear the official contrary confirmation: Ford takes this stuff in his stride. 


  • So why make it a ‘thing’? Why is every channel discussing it and every movie site reporting the news? Because it’s an excuse to talk Indiana Jones, Harrison Ford and engage in idle speculation. Simple! 


  • The fifth Dr Jones adventure is a YEAR away from release. Unlikely to see a trailer before Christmas. Relax! No news is sometimes, good news?
  • Minor setbacks to filming, unfortunate injury and the occasional twitter spat or leaked spoiler do not speed up time or even kill it any faster.
  • Just enjoy the fact that we have a new Indy movie in production and part of the fun is just guessing what might happen, rather than desperately searching for problems in what IS being made?


    • EVERY ACTOR IN ACTION MOVIES GETS INJURED. Physical acting is not stunt-work, as Ford pointed out. But the wrong step at the wrong mark and something’s gotta slip (usually a muscle is pulled).

    • Pierce Brosnan did his knee in on Die Another Day. Daniel Craig had his leg in a cast for a brief time while making No Time to Die. Downey took  a fall at a painful angle on Iron Man 3. Tom Cruise broke an ankle on Mission:Impossible-Fallout.  And so on.
    • Basically, if the actor is not in a life threatening scrape? Then you can adjust the schedule, allow a swift recovery and guess what: they return to ACTION. Hence the term, ‘action hero’.

  • In Harrison’s case? This is nothing new. The guy tried quitting action back in 1994 (‘save the price of a postage stamp on the script’) as he suffered calcium deposits in his knees. His bod took a lot of hits, from carpentry days through countless acting jobs including a herniated disc on Temple of Doom. Wear and tear. Staples of the work!
  • But he kept and indeed KEEPS returning to the action genre because he excels in it.
  • Age is an irrelevance: he conveys the character’s role in the utility of the story. People have been bitching about his advancing years since he hit 50 (Tom Clancy was particularly nasty circa Patriot Games, when Ford replaced Alec Baldwin as Jack Ryan).

In short? YES it is a setback to Indy 5 in so far as schedules will be tweaked.

But NO. It’s NOTHING TO DO WITH AGE! AND IT IS NOT A BAD OMEN FOR THE MOVIE AND ITS PRODUCTION. Harrison Ford will return. He always does. Always. Not because he is trying to play younger than his age but simply because he stays vital FOR his stage in life and will remain so, looking into the sunrise with a lop sided grin as credits roll..

GET WELL SOON, INDY! I do know one of the UK’S top physiotherapists btw if it helps? Bit like She-Ra via Naomi Watts /Nicole Kidman/Lucy Punch. Will I phone her and have her flown to the set? I can do that. Totally. Dunno if she’s an Indiana Jones fan but hey, Harrison would probably see that as an asset and a nice break from fans chasing him everywhere. I digress 😉 

 A physiotherapist friend, as played in this article, by She-Ra (nb satirical disclaimer there; Ms Ra is in neither offering Physio for Mr Ford nor is she a collaborator on this piece… 😉

BEST OF LUCK TO ALL INVOLVED ON INDIANA JONES 5. Especially James Mangold: top bloke imho. 

PS: I pulled a Gluteal muscle this week, Harrison, if that’s any consolation. I did not cool down post workout. And I was watching Indiana Jones mid stretch. 🙂



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