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Sensuality, Sex and Cinema. From Bergman to Basic Instinct and Beyond!

by James Murphy

A look back at style and seduction on film, with a little help from the lovely Lucie Helene..

I have said before and will again: the moral DNA of transatlantic aesthetics and morality are being rewritten. Exciting, heart-warming, inspirational freedoms now abound. How wonderful that generations will grow up, unafraid to express their sexuality, gender and all aspects of identity that they can explore and define, on their terms.

But there is a pay-off, it seems? A tide of disgraceful double standard, even? On one hand, we are nominally more ‘free’ and yet a puritan narrative has entered media and politics. 

The current Mayor of London banished bikini clad models from tube stations while LOVE ISLAND remains the hot topic reality show on British television. Men everywhere are scared to flirt. 

Playboy seems all but banned or at least shunned, despite an army of ‘lads mags’ which were far more explicit and nasty having had free reign for over a decade and only recently banished from shelves. There is a war on obesity and talks of sugar taxes, yet Victoria’s Secret and other brands are actively deploying the imagery of ‘fuller’ figures as a marketing ploy.

Daytime television shows have featured open discussion of S n M, nominally in response to the Fifty Shades factor? Extreme, hardcore porn is a click away, with minimal checks in place to prevent such evils, despite government promises at more draconian regulation.

Things have become so bad in the UK, that ‘up-skirting’ has entered the law as its own term, rather than application of existing nuisance laws.

People live in fear on public transportation of being filmed or, just as bad: witnessing someone watching porn on their phone.  Yet, conversely? Still perfectly ok for quite mainstream and nominally family friendly publications to incorporate stories of sexual odyssey, right down to vibrator choice. 

But it’s not all bad or doom and gloom. The same freedoms that have enabled darker division and moral polarities can still be used to rediscover old school, erotic yet civilised, beauty. And movies, old and new, can be of great help

That is where I am bringing an OnlyFans star to the table here. That site has really taken off lately and is, prima facie, the safest face of adult entertainment, especially in lockdowns?

I actually discovered the site when a troll started hash-tagging this blog with #onlyfans. You have alerted me to a cultural phenomenon. And given me an idea for an article. Thanks! (Though nb: please stop the ID theft and stalking; they are criminal offences). 

Back on topic: yes, there is some hardcore material on the OnlyFans site. But I feel assured that it is regulated, with the ladies in control rather than the frightening alternative of them acting under duress or out of drug use /abuse.

Checks ARE required, which even the most determined of porno pirate would be hard pressed (!) to bypass. One cannot connect with performers (famous or otherwise) without an account, ID verification and access to some sort of credit or debit card. Even using words such as ‘meet up’ is banned and filtered, immediately!  I suppose that’s something

Above all? It is possible to find beauty there, where the star posting the content is simply reflecting that old school Hollywood glam and gloss which alas seems AWOL of late in the world. A breath of fresh air, even? And in my search for that holy grail of balance, I enlisted an Only Fans star, the divine LUCIE HELENE. Think Bergman/Bogart era film, via Red Shoe Diaries cable channel aspirational lifestyle sensuality. 

You can hear the clink of ice in Lucie’s glass; feel the summer sun or autumnal leaves; drive that sports-car / boat and enjoy the fine wines, hotels and clothes.

Yes, there are nudes and some racier stuff in there. But on the whole, Lucie’s page is a celebration of more subtle erotica and its innate connection to a desire for a simulated escape to an otherwise inaccessible world. Edgy on occasion and even primal in the instincts engaged but always safe and classy. 

Lucie herself is pure cinema. There is something theatrical yet natural and accessible about her aura. Ethereal elegance meets earthy reality. Each album of photos has a cinematic flavour.  

Charlotte Rampling (Lucie models in similar pose?). 

Liz Hurley! Jacqueline Bisset! Lena Olin! Diane Lane! Ms Helene can somehow recreate all of those titanic greats and more in one shot. All amidst a lovely location and that ping of suspender belt / glimpse of heel and stocking top as much as any full on nude revelation. 


Bergman at her most beautiful, pictured here; a Lucie favourite!

It’s no accident that Lucie’s page has a cinematic allure. She’s a massive movie fan! TOP GUN and SOUND OF MUSIC are particular favourites. Lads: if you want to impress this girl, you will need to be some magical cross between Jason Statham, Jimmy Stewart and Gregory Peck (impossible; so do not try, but she loves all those actors). 

Statham is attractive due to his ruggedness, humour and accent’. The lady loves a good action movie, it seems (the ultimate male fantasy, so?). As for sex on film, Lucie cites BASIC INSTINCT as a ground-breaking classic. 

Sharon Stone is strong and sexy and in charge‘. But as Lucie points out, female sexuality on film is a wide, inspirational spectrum of possibilities. ‘Ingrid Bergman and Ava Gardner remain stunning and remarkable, always; Michelle Pfeiffer has an exquisite beauty too and is very adaptable in range as an actress’.

Julia Roberts, Meryl Streep and Kate Winslet are also favourites of Lucie when looking out for great performances. Madonna is a heroine: ‘theatrical, trail blazing, liberating: she reinvented pop music, concerts and videos, paving the way for so many women, subsequently’. 

Much like her cinematic idols, Lucie is the one in control of her professional destiny and brand. Hers is a celebration of beauty, within which nudity is simply one dimension and OnlyFans the starting point platform. It’s about art and nature and it’s therefore apt that her pet causes are conservation charities. 

The lady loves to stay in shape, of course. Hers is a genuinely gorgeous body. So whilst she loves a good fruit juice, it must be natural and sugar free! Fave colours are blue and green. And though Lucie cannot name a top band or track, her playlists tend toward an 80s theme (thereby matching the aspirational aesthetics of her best photo-shoots: very Joan Collins circa Dynasty?). 

It was a real and ‘reel’ pleasure talking to Lucie Helene about film.  I confess that yes, I enjoyed my exploration of the softer mainstream side to OnlyFans (for RESEARCH PURPOSES ONLY!).

Usual caveats on age appropriateness and solvency etc as with gambling but do feel free to see Lucie’s work here.

Thanks, Lucie! Very best wishes with all your future work and content. Welcome for tea in London, anytime. Wonderful woman! 



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