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Is it better to play slot games fast or slow mode? 

by James Murphy

Players at https://www.wizardslots.com/ are given much more choice in slot games than any other casino game. Players can choose the amount of pay-lines of a game, the theme of a slot, how much they wish to wager each spin and even what bonuses they can use. Using fast or slow mode presents players with unique benefits and disadvantages. 

Fast Mode 

Playing fast is encouraged when using slot games, there are even newer slot releases which include a feature which speeds up the tempo of the game. Playing slot games in fast mode provides players with many benefits. 

  1. Easier to play – One of the biggest benefits that comes from playing slot games in fast mode is the fact that the games become much easier to use. Players don’t have time to sit and think about their options when playing in fast mode as the speed of the game does not allow it.
  2. Quicker game – An obvious benefit that comes from using fast mode is that the slots are much quicker to play. If you are someone who has a lot of responsibilities and doesn’t have time on your hands to spend a lot of time on a slot, then fast mode will be perfect for you. 

Slow Mode 

Slow mode may not sound like the most appealing way to enjoy slot games but there are actually several significant benefits that players will receive through using this playstyle. Perhaps the biggest is the fact that it allows them more time to make a decision and manage their bankroll in a more effective manner. If you are a player who finds bankroll management difficult, playing in slow mode is going to be ideal. Slow mode is also perfect for players who wish to take in all the effort animators and developers have put into the slot, it allows them to sit and enjoy the game. 

Which is better? 

Playing slot games fast and slot offers players significant benefits. Although your own personal preference on which one to use will depend on your own personal playstyle, there are a few things which players should be aware of when deciding which way to play. 

  •     Faster is harder to keep track of – A fast play style may result in a quick game but it can also lead to the player having difficulties keeping track of the outcomes of a spin. The player may end up betting too much because of their fast play style, something which can end up being disastrous if the player only has a small bankroll.
  •     Slow and steady doesn’t necessarily win the race – Although a slower style of play will lead to the player being able to keep track of the bets that they have made, a slower playstyle doesn’t improve the players odds of winning. It only gives them a greater chance to stop and think about their next spin, potentially leading to them second guessing themselves.


Fast mode is much more competitive and will suit players who have less time whilst slot mode is perfect for players who wish to take their time while playing slots.


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