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How to promote your movie using Instagram

by James Murphy

Instagram is a social media network that has gained over a billion subscribers in its mere 11 years of existence. It is largely driven by stellar visuals in the form of video or images, and appeals mainly to Gen Z’s and Millennials, but is without a doubt increasing in popularity because of its ease of use. Oh, and did we mention that it is free too? Because of its strong appeal and strategic marketing with customized hashtags and growth services like Growthoid to gain Instagram followers, more businesses are using Instagram than ever before. Anything can be effectively promoted on Instagram with niche hashtags and targeted audiences. Do you want to promote a movie on a budget? Instagram is a great tool for getting people excited about your film, and an incredible way to get the exposure that you need. This article will show you how to use Instagram to promote your movies.


Create a profile for your movie

You need to begin with a professional profile that captures the essence of your movie and makes its personality shine. It’s all about brand management with Instagram, and you’ve got to ensure that the bio is complete and relevant. Increase traffic to your website by inserting a hyperlink on your Instagram profile so that followers have ease of access directly to your site. It doesn’t get simpler or cheaper than this zero-cost platform.


Post captivating photos

Give your audience some insight with behind-the-scenes shots taken during the production of your film, as well as with pictures of your cast and crew. Use these to provoke interest and intrigue, but do make sure that the quality is superb. And remember that Instagram is all about the hashtag and caption, and these should be niche and relevant to make your page easily found. Your content posting must be consistent to keep interest peaked, but don’t overdo it! Invest in good photo and video editing tools that improve aesthetics and captivate viewers to your content, and create fabulous posts that are engaging. Use tools like a carousel that enables more than just one picture in a post, and keep your focal points at the front and center to capture attention. Remember that your followers are real, and what they want is real content that inspires.


Share videos of the trailer

Snippets of compelling scenes are bound to arouse curiosity in your audience. Use the platform to its fullest advantage by giving your followers what they want to see, just not too much of it. Your aim is to create a buzz by giving your audience just a hint or a teaser. Remember to set up your video resolution to teaser or trailer to make it legitimate for your followers. Remember that you are dealing with smaller attention spans and keep your trailers short sweet and intriguing.


Engage with your followers

It is no secret that the key to success is through interaction and engagement. Any business needs a good client base to succeed, and your movie is no different. Your followers invest in you and expect some sort of interpersonal relationship. This is easily done by responding to comments regularly, or even by liking your followers’ posts. This creates a sense of belonging and importance for your followers and keeps them looking forward to your next post. And don’t be afraid to boost this engagement by using Instagram Live for streaming with your cast and crew that will be a sure-fire way for your audience to get to know you.


Promote through hashtags

Instagram is the home of the hashtag, and the hashtag has more power than you know. Apart from the fact that it allows you to follow a trend, this simple little tool has the most reach with an audience that doesn’t follow you. You have to be wary and use it effectively. Industry norm shows that hashtags should be minimal, and using between 7 and 12 on a post is ideal. Look at the other creators in the industry, and see what works for them. Incorporate common hashtags like #movie or #movieclip to create a niche, and to enable your movie to come up in a search for the hashtag.








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