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Fiction Writing and Drawing Competition Opportunities!

by James Murphy

Online Competitions Opportunity for Drawing, Fiction Writing


Fiction is writing that includes imaginary characters, events and/or settings created by the writer. A fiction writer should be an extensive reader. The writer must attempt to read fiction not only from the identify he/she prefers to compose, but also the types in which he/she has not explored.


Types of Fiction Writing

Traditionally thither are cardinal types of fiction writing

Category- It also referred as ‘genre’. In this identify of stories we can categorize distinct theme in fiction. Examples are: ability, westerns, adventure, historical, romance, erotica, suspense, fantasy, mystery, and action stories.


«Mainstream-These stories are aimed at the widest possible audience and typically deal with most aspects of modern life including relationships, careers, and the examine for achiever and fulfillment», says Jess Malone, an editor from essaywriterfree.net company.


Elements of effective fiction writing

Theme- Theme is the main idea or meaning behind a account. It is a abstract refinement of the account. A clear theme makes a account booming.


Characters are the main effective elements in any account. Most stories consist of experience or events of people and any consists of animals. Each new character adds a new dimension to the account, so characters should be introduced early in the account. The more often a character is mentioned or appears the more implication the reader will attach to the character.


Plot- Plot is the frame form of a account that holds the entire account unitedly. It is the related broadcast of events that are arranged to form a account. It unremarkably consists of a conflict, climax and resolution. The plot also may include subplots that are part of or adjunct to the main plot. The plots and subplots are broken into scenes, which are pieces of the account showing the action of one event.

Setting- It includes the place and time in which the account takes place. The background should be described in specifics to make the account seems real. The background of the account should have atmosphere, mood and the limitations on the characters.


Style- Communication is the writer’s consume of the language. A clear, concise and precise writing attracts the reader. A combination of good account and good writing makes a fiction writer booming.


Dialogue -The dialogue is the delivery of characters. The form of dialogue should be diversified to keep the reader interested. Dialogue should be old to develop character or to advance the account.


These elements provide writers with a acceptable guideline and meaning of organization in their fiction. Fiction writers utilize these elements to effect their readers’ perceptions of their writing.


Improve your skills

Fiction writing can be a difficult field to hold a career. It requires hard activity with an emphasis on creativity, hours of revision and editing before a final piece of writing.

Fiction writing helps to develop:

• Creativity and Meaning of Imagination

• Writing Endowment

• Networking

• Self-promotion

• Employed Individually

• Determination and Competitive Nature


So if you have effective imagination in writing and deprivation to showcase your endowment, you can join a competition and can send your distribution fiction writing copy to different onsite competitions.

Based on what actually works best –and does not work– from writing dozens of websites for our clients, here are our Apical 5 site copywriting secrets. If you apply them, your site will be a major marketing achiever for your business and its bottom line.

1 What’s in it for me? Why should I believe you? What do you deprivation me to do and why should I?

Answer these questions immediately. The reader will leave your site unless these III questions are clearly answered in the beginning seconds

  1. You must have a alcoholic, reader-benefit headline. The headline is by far the most important part of your site as far as its effectiveness. The words old (ie the copywriting) must give a reader-benefits of your product or service , a big promise, a reward that the reader wants badly and as circumstantial and concise as possible.
  2. Focus your copywriting to accomplish one main goal, which should be to get the interested reader to call you or place their order.

By laser-focusing on one action you’d like to reader to do most, your copywriting will be targeted, circumstantial and powerful.

Of course thither will be other information and details on your site and you can have a secondary goal for the reader to email you or contract for your newsletter or download a report … but focus mainly on te one circumstantial action you ant the prospect to accept.

  1. Be exciting, informative, to the point, interesting. People will not read something that is is boring if they don’t have to. Make careful you avoid “corporate talk” that is loaded with “we” and general information the reader already knows.
  2. Compose mainly to get sales or leads; and not for the examine engines. Your site may be listed high by examine engine, but what good is that if it does not bring you leads and sales.



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