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Writing for Free: Can it pay? YES IT CAN!

by James Murphy

Writing For Free Pays!

I am pleased to announce that because of the existence of the American Chronicle, and the kind disposition of its editorial body, particularly Peter who has had to endure a lot regarding yours truly, I have been noticed by a jaunt guide publisher. Because I was permitted to send in article after article to this online publication, I am able to accept on any bigger, paid gigs.


«The artifact this works is that you compose, a lot, and send your block into the American Chronicle for no pay», says Andrew Noronha, an editor from essaywriter.nyc company.

Hopefully, you compose something that people actually deprivation to read and, on occasion, respond to. The guys and gals at the mysterious editorial offices of the Chronicle, if you are lucky, approve your articles and put them on their webpage. Tho’ you aren’t making money in the conventional meaning, you are getting exposure. You can even mention that you have written a book or cardinal and that you would appreciate it if lots of people buy many copies for Christmas presents.


Lo and behold, when I wasn’t even looking, a jaunt guide publisher wrote me and asked for samples of my writing and my resume. Of course, I did what they asked pronto! I also asked which butt-cheek I should kiss. Not really, but I felt like it.


This jaunt guide publisher responded. After faint to the floor and picking myself up, I read that not only were they interested in me as a contract writer but they also deprivation to publish one of my articles in an anthology they have coming out later this become.


After a lot of excitement-caused alert nights and a lot of alcoholic beverages, I was finally able to reflect on how this has all come to be. I cerebration I would offer any words of advice to other aspiring writers.

First, compose, compose, and compose any more. What I mean is, compose something publishable every day. Compose as tho’ you have a daily column to get out by a deadline. This doesn’t mean that you necessarily need to get it published daily. The point here is that you need to produce a lot of material. And, it needs to be publishable. Make careful it is your best block.


2nd, in this daily writing, be careful to address your niche. I compose about Mexico almost exclusively because that is where I live and what I know. I compose what I know and what I deprivation to compose about&ndashlife in Mexico.


3rd, find a place like the American Chronicle to file your stories. Make careful, if the online publication allows you to post key words, you choose key words that you believe individual will look for inside your niche. For example, with almost every account I file, I put the words, “Mexico, Guanajuato, expatriation to Mexico, visit Mexico, etc…” or any activity as the key words.


Fourth, if you are permitted to post personal info, a bio or your webpage, so do so. You deprivation your biographical information out thither. You also deprivation to have words in your bio that correspond to the key words in your stories.


Fifth, do not ever offend your editors. Do not be a cry-baby. Do not pitch fits. Do not remember yourself as a prima donna. Thither are enough of them in the class. Frankly, they are not advantageously loved. In fact, do what your editors have. Always follow their suggestions, especially when they tell you to change up your act and fly right. I add, reluctantly, that I know this point from personal experience.

Tho’ none of this is guaranteed to land you a paying gig, it can be the means finished which you get discovered. The more stories you can file, with lots and lots of good key words, the better your chances of getting noticed.


I will keep all my readers on the Chronicle informed as to the progress of my new writing locale. I will continue to crank out the block that many of you apparently like reading.

I deprivation to thanks the Chronicle, Peter, and all those readers who have actually read my activity.

And, be careful to buy my books, lots of them, for Christmas presents this year.



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