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4 social media marketing tips in 2021

by James Murphy




Any industry that relies heavily on technology has big changes year after year. Marketing is one of the fast changing ones, it is a challenge to keep up with the best practices. Here are tips to optimize your marketing strategy this year, based on the latest trends:


Opportunity to diversify


Most of today’s marketing budgets don’t allow companies to pursue each distribution channel at once. You need to carefully select the channels that are most likely to bring a strong return on your investment. In order to find opportunities to diversify your strategy by researching your target audience. Identify sub-channel niches, where you are able to cut through the marketing noise, such as on YouTube, social media groups, etc. You can then diversify your strategy knowing that the payoff will be worth your investment.


Engagement on social media is the KEY


84% of marketers already use Facebook ads, and the platform’s ad revenue continues to grow. Paid advertising options have made their way to Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, and elsewhere. Social media platforms are tweaking their algorithms, so it is clear for brands that they must pay for promotion, as it is a must if they want to achieve visibility. If you want your social strategy to stay or gain momentum, it’s a must to start paying. So it is always beneficial to purchase video views for Twitter or other social platforms. Unless you have all the time in the world to be there all day answering, posting, interacting. Or get a community manager, but a professional one, not your little nephew who “knows about social media.” You need to get better at the game called ‘social media’. Keep in mind that without proper social media strategy, you can’t get better results. It’s important to get help from a professional team like SocialWick to get all the sufficient social media services. Networks are growing and there are new trends emerging every month. That’s why you should take advice from the professionals. 


Existing Content


Most marketers today understand that they need high volumes of content to build a traffic base. They often focus on creating new content, belittling their existing assets. If you want to keep up with today’s competitive markets, it’s important that you use your current content to its fullest potential.


For example, you can: Identify your most popular content and use this information to train future content. Update old content with new data, visuals, or repost perspective for more reach. Repurpose old content like an infographic, video, slide show, etc. You can also activate a series of blog posts in an ebook guide or report.


Mouth marketing – spread the positivity around your brand


People seek recommendations from their colleagues to make purchasing decisions. Your own customers are a powerful resource to help you reach new audiences and unit conversions. To get the most out of your brand advocates, create incentive campaigns to spread your message. Create an online community or offer referral rewards, for example. You can also create a branded hashtag and encourage your audience to use it.



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