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Best Iranian Movies And Series On Televika

by James Murphy

Televika is a VOD streaming service that is the ultimate way to watching the best movies and tv series for Iranian viewers living abroad. considering the cultural impact of watching movies and series for the Immigrants, the importance of Televika could be more than just a VOD platform.


Televika is an on-demand video display platform launched on 04/21/2020 and headquartered in the Austrian capital.

The platform operates under the commercial laws of Ereele GmbH and releases the latest Iranian movies and TV series for all Persian speakers outside of Iran and streams the latest Iranian movies with English, Arabic, and Kurdish subtitles at the same time of their national cinematic release.

Notably, up-to-date streaming of Iranian movies along with English, Arabic, and Kurdish subtitles are one the most important features of this service.

with more than 2000 movies and TV shows has a large number of animated movies and series for all the Persian-speaking children outside of Iran.

The latest product of Televika is “Televika school “which teaches Iranian courses and lessons from the first to the ninth grade, simultaneously with schools in Iran. Televika has more than 2,000 episodes of video work content in the categories of film, series, theater, and documentary.


One of the many advantages of this platform is secure and easy payment methods through PayPal and Stripe.

Televika started on 04/21/2020. The first version of the Telvika application was released in 2020 / May / 30 for Android users. Then in 2020 / Dec / 05 the Android TV version of the application was released.


For considering movie-watching for cinephiles, it is not just the quantity that matters but the quality is even considered more valuable. Quality in the process of studying and selecting works to watch and recognize which films are more valuable and important to watch. In the entertainment industry, an important use of cinematic media and even critiques reviewing pieces is that the viewer chooses the best possible work to watch according to his taste and expectations and then pays happily some money on it.

Over the years, the audience has become aware of the latest movies on the market through advertisements or by going to the box office and box office news. TV shows and series due to their popularity have led to the growth of magazines with specific content about cinema and TV. The broadcast guides such as TV Guide and Entertainment Weekly must be mentioned as well. At that specific time reading new weekly reviews in various publications along with advice coming from other people directly are the most important and common ways to choose what to watch. The Internet added new dimensions to this world. Websites such as IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes, Yahoo Movies, and Meta Critics soon became popular, making it easier for audiences to make decisions by collecting reviews from moviegoers and turning them into quantitative criteria such as stars and ratings. To this day the low rating of a film or a series has a significant effect on the audience’s approval of it, and generally, these few criteria for evaluating the works due to the wide range of critiques and opinions discussed and considered and also the and the constant referring of the public to this procedure to some extent has made it reliable.


The Iranian cinema has exactly been deprived of this specific part over the last two decades, and despite the spread of online reviewing and analysis, we have never had a comprehensive reference without a limited taste and idea for evaluation.

With the expansion of VOD and online platforms, this process has gone through many changes. In the current situation, the user who has subscribed to a particular platform does not need external information to be informed about new products and content. The user will find their interesting content by only using the platform. At this specific point, a giant company like Netflix tried to take the lead and plan to produce new content by studying behavior and data mining from the audience’s selection and watching patterns. Thus online streaming service platforms are similar to gaming systems which in addition to providing food for the audience also feed on their tastes and reactions to continue and improve the production cycle.

platforms such as Televika have found a special place to expand this two-way relationship between the audience and the production or content. the audience of Iranian cinema who are living abroad use Televika to watch movies in addition to being informed about the latest productions without the need for external factors, they also play an important role in market and production relations by their choices and reactions to the works. So that the failure or success of a film or series in communicating with the audience, can change the direction of its creators in the future.



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