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Online Pokies based on cult films

by James Murphy

Cinematography is now the most popular and sought-after art form, that is why we can find so many videogames and even online pokies based on movies. Many casino software developers often please players with the new pokie machine games based on popular blockbusters.

We think that it will be pretty interesting to take a glance at the top casino games based on movies. We are sure that you didn’t even know that such games exist.

Forrest Gump video pokie machine

In 1994, millions of movie fans from around the world have literally fallen in love with the main character of Forrest Gump (Robert Zemeckis’s film). The character of Tom Hanks was so charming and direct, that just could not fail to please the audience. After more than fifteen years the Cryptologic company has released a free slot machine dedicated to the cult work of the genius movie director.

Now the Forrest Gump video slot does not seem as vivid as it did a few years ago. However, it is still able to interest many players around the world because it presents a very exciting and more than simple gameplay options.

Braveheart slot machine

We continue to tell you about the slot machines for cinephiles, released by developers from Cryptologic. Next in line is an incomparable slot – Braveheart, which was inspired by the Scottish people’s fight for independence drama of the same name. It is without exaggeration amazing movie starring Mel Gibson.

The game also turned out to be very high quality and interesting. Even now, several years after its release, it seems quite spectacular and remains attractive to fans of gambling entertainment and makes to the tops of games in quality Australian casinos. It features several jackpots, cool bonus draws, numerous combinations, special symbols and a lot of additional bonus rounds.

Mummy Video Pokie machine

And now a few words about the Mummy pokie, dedicated to a very exciting and equally fun movie about the adventures of a fearless archaeologist who was not afraid to take on the bloodthirsty pharaoh, who rose from the dead. The developer of the Mummy pokie machine is the Playtech company, which always guarantees the highest quality games.

Creators generously gave their child a variety of gameplay options. Here are available special characters with enhanced features and bonus games, as well as free spins, and very large coefficients.

King Kong slot machine

NextGen Gaming also joined the ranks of online gambling software developers who couldn’t get past the legendary King Kong movie. They have released their model with the uncomplicated name and the expected design style.

The Big Lebowski Video Slot

Jeffrey Lebowski nicknamed “Dude” from the comedy The Big Lebowski was one of the most striking roles in the career of American actor Jeff Bridges. Viewers loved the carefree bowler who, by fate, found himself in the midst of a major scam. Following the fashionable trend to release slots on famous movies, the developers of Random Logic have presented The Big Lebowski slot machine.

The model is in the spirit of the cult film comedy perfectly conveys its atmosphere and is pleased with the cool backgrounds with famous scenes. In terms of gameplay, it attracts with great bonuses, multiple payouts, and other interesting gameplay options.



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