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Top Sports Movies of All Time That You Must Watch 

by James Murphy

Sports is not just a space for sports enthusiasts to cheer on their favourite team, home team or star player. It is also a space that runs high on emotions and passions and therefore churns out some of the very best movies of all time. Sports movies run high on lessons to learn, camaraderie, friendship, passion and dreams and provide potboilers and super-hit films that you just have to watch at least once in your life, if you want to get the best out of your love for sports. 

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Scroll down to read the rest of the article where you will get a glimpse of the best sports movies of all time that you must watch:


  • Raging Bull: This sports movie, made in 1980, is the feather in the cap of the well known director Martin Scorcese who intended it to be his last major film of all time. Even if that was not the case, Raging Bull soon became a cult hit and is now considered to be the best sports movie of all time, dealing with all the intricacies of boxing in painstaking detail. Raging Bull is a carefully researched story about troubled and self destructive boxing champion Jake LaMotta. With Joe Pesci essaying the role of his brother so wonderfully, the movie has rich thematic representation, a great personal drama and very well filmed action sequences. Also, Robert de Niro, as usual, shines as the titular protagonist;
  • The Hustler: Going a bit further back to 1961, The Hustler is considered by many to be the best movie ever made on the game of pool. With the comedic duo of Paul Newman and Eddie Felson bringing in all the laughs and the emotions, it delves into the amazing personal narrative of a small-time con artist and hustler who wishes to play pool with a well known pool player by the name of Minnesota Fats. It also brought in a host of acclaim for the art direction and dialogues and also revitalized the interest that went away from the world of pool;
  • Jerry Maguire: Come on! Almost everyone has seen Jerry Maguire at least once in their life and was it not such an enthralling experience? In the film, Tom Cruise plays the titular character who is an ostracized sports agent. Enter a young single mother who waltzes him off his feet and he finds his heart in peril as he falls deeper into love with her. With some of the most memorable quotes in a sports movie to ever exist, Jerry Maguire got five Oscar Nominations.


So, go ahead and grab your popcorn and click on any of the movies out of the aforementioned ones and have fun!



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