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DIY Pizza Making Tips For A Movie Night

by James Murphy

Preparing for the weekend and planning to watch the latest Netflix hit with the person you like? You might as well kick it up a notch and surprise them with homemade dough. But how can you quickly fix up a cheesy, saucy snack without spending too much time picking out the ingredients preparing the actual pie?


Well, we’re going to give you five pizza-making tips that you can do at home. If you want more ideas for pizzas, visit Pizza Oven Pros.




The quick answer. Yes. The dough can be good if you cook it well enough, whatever dough it may be. You can choose to create your own days prior or buy from the grocery, but make sure it’s not cold or frozen when you heat it.




A good sauce is one of the keys to a good pizza, and it creates the foundation of flavors, so don’t overwhelm it. Everyone has their preference for tomato sauce. You can choose to buy it at a grocery store and add home ingredients. Make sure to spread the sauce on the dough evenly. If you make extra, you can use it later as a dipping sauce for the crust.




While some of us are lactose intolerant (including me), that doesn’t stop us from consuming dairy. Right? Maybe, it’s just me. Anyways, it is undeniable that the layer of cheese is what most pizza-eaters look forward to. The taste, along with the tang of the tomato sauce, is just a perfect combination.


We recommend using mozzarella and cheddar for this one. Don’t fret if you happen to have extra cheese. You can either choose to have it as additional toppings later or microwave it and have a dipping sauce for your crust, just like what we did with the sauce.




We’ve got one word for you: Season. That’s right. Season your vegetables, people, but not heavily; we don’t want to void it of nutritional value. You can put all of your vegetables in a bowl. Tomatoes, bell peppers, etc., you’re going to be tossing and mixing it like a salad. You’re just going to need two of those spices, and if you have the resources and “thyme” (get it?), you should add in rosemary and thyme, but that’s just optional.


You already know how it’s going to be. You toss it around in a bowl, and you slap it on your pizza. Easy, affordable, delicious, AND healthy.




Just like the vegetables, this layer is optional. Meat is left it or has it type of situation for pies. But in this case, we’re going to go all-in with this movie night dough. Pick the meat of your choice; it can be salami, bologna, etc. From here, you’re ready to design the pizza with meaty goodness! 


Now, you’re all set to make a pie for you and your date. Don’t let anyone tell you that your favorite type of pizza is not suitable for the taste buds (keep it up, Hawaiian Pizza lovers!). From here, you can mix it up with your ideas.



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